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New to smite.. Question (matchmaking, afkers)

6 posts in this topic

Hi guys.. im new to smite.. got a code from a very generous AJSA member CaptainfoxButt.. and i got a question..


is it because im new? is the matchmaking ever gonna be better?

all the time.. i played 10 matches straight.. i only won once..  all of the teammates i get.. are a bunch of leavers, afkers.. high kills dont get you anywhere if you are alone... at the very least noobs would be a good decoy.. but.. afkers and leavers kinda destroys the game.. 

i have not left any match.. and i always get highest kills .. and yet.. i always get afkers, and leavers teammates.. and havent yet to encounter an afker/leaver on an enemy team..







the rewards are also too low.. would it get high? or do i have to opt for gem?

thank you for your wise and kind answers..

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Well if you win you get almost double favour and you get double worshippers.

As for afker and leavers it sometimes says they left when they just disconnected and they sometime rejoin after a few minutes and if they dont, just report them for leaving. They'll eventually learn not to quit early.

Also it's much better to play with people you know that wont quit and can communicate. I'm guessing by code you mean the xbox one version? You can add me on live and I can invite you next time I group up with the other xbox smite players (almost daily). There's an xbox smite sub-forum at the top of smite page that has a gamertag list of most of the members with smite on xbox.

Hope this helps.

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oh crap..i thought i was at xbox one subforum.. my apologies.. i see.. thank you very much for answering my question.

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No problem. If you see me playing smite with some guys on xbox feel free to join the party and game. Also nice job in those screenshots. If those other guys were on my team I may have cried lol

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You guys are basically in the same position that the PC was in for closed beta and early open beta. Most of the people are either learning the game or just trying it out for kicks and don't really care too much about it, so you will get a LOT of people who are bad and quite a few dc's and rage quits / leavers.


The only REAL solution to matchmaker is a bigger population of players, and due to that the matchmaker will resume to be mostly garbage till they open up the beta to everyone. Most of the lingering MMR problems on the PC is still due to this fact as well, though it happens at a lower rate. The game is still growing so it will likely become less and less of a problem in the future.

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