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A new XCOM Commander is in need of soldiers

163 posts in this topic

Everything seems to be going well, lets hope it stays that way   :D

(also just to note, you keep spelling my username with an extra 'i', don't bother going back on the past posts to change it as I'm not too bothered but I just thought I would point it out for the future)

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Yeah, I CAN hit a target. And run like the wind it would seem. Even with a misspelled name. Hopefully the medic skills aren't lacking because of this though.

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You can choose whatever name/language/class you want. And whatever skin color, facial hair, hair color, and outfit color you want as long as it is in the game.

Sorry i'm kinda late on this lol but if you can make a new guy I guess this is what I would want

Name- Walker

Class- Infantry or Assault

Language- English(American)

Skin color- White

Facial Hair- None

Hair color- Brown or Black

Outfit color- Red or Black

Thanks if you can put me in. And your leadership seems really solid to keep everyone alive keep it up!

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Fixed the names, though I had already played the next two missions. I see an i in caljkn99 if I just look at the name quickly. Oreyn was also fixed, don't know why I had the correct spelling in the roster but not in the game. Also noticed I had changed my game resolution to 1600 x 1024 somehow.


After shooting down another small UFO Meatshield (now a Scout) and I join three of the unpromoted badasses from the large mothership mission (Mr. Black, Kaur, and Ricci, whose first name I changed to the class I was going to make her, it's not actually naming people Assault) and another new recruit.


Meat and I both have Marksman rifles (Sniper rifle damage but allows us to move and shoot and has less critical chance and limited squadsight range) so we take the nearest high ground while the other make short work of three Sectoids after they walked into their overwatch



I give covering fire from the safety of the high rooftop.


Meat is a Scout and is not equipped with a Marksman scope so she has to move down to the street to stay in range, she manages to do some damage to the Outsider with an overwatch shot. The rest of the squad climbed up the pipe to get the high ground on the three Sectoids who also appeared from inside the crashed ship.


Weber throws a grenade to weaken the Outsider (who healed himself for half the damage Meat did to him at the end of his turn), allowing me to finish him off. Earning me another promotion. Black, Ricci, and Kaur seemed noticeably upset.



With the high ground and smoke grenades we easily finished off the remaining Sectoids with Ricci dropping off the roof behind the remaining one.




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Woo still alive and not useless, take that Alien scum.

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Satellites are up over Australia and Germany, two of my four pilots have been transferred to Asia to protect Australia.



With the satellite over Australia I can now promote my Gunners and Rocketeers and each will get an additional +2 to their Aim. In addition to their usual gun, gunners can now equip rifles, shotguns, and a new LMG which is like their regular gun only it slows them down and prevents them from firing it after moving but it gives them squadsight like a sniper has. We shoot down another small UFO and get ready to assault it (names were not edited yet).



The team fought their way through three drones with Laser taking a hit, he was then patched up by Oreyn (medics get one free medkit even without it being in their inventory). Before getting to the enemy ship to engage the Outsider.



Three Sectoids joined the fight so we had to quickly finish off the Outsider to protect our flanks



The Sectoids were no match for us with the Outsider dead




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I just realized I'm a brazilian in bright pink armor. Lmao, awesome.


Call me Senior Flamingo.

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would love to join uyour roster, I dought you can be a good as Beaglerush though :P

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Sign me up for the draft.

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I dought you can be a good as Beaglerush though :P

He's playing on impossible so luckily I don't have to be.

For how much time I still stuck in the hospital?

You just got out. Looks like fatigue last 4-5 days, losing one health needs 10 days, and losing all but one health is about 28 days of recovery. One of the abilities a medic can unlock is a 75% chance to reduce recovery times of soldiers wounded in a mission that the medic is in. I'll train a medic to go with you next time so you don't have to wait so long to get shot again.


Abduction mission in Australia, a team was assembled



I have only three more recruits that I am interested in getting promoted (until people start dying at least), Mr. Black would see to the training of two of them, if anyone could bring them home alive it would be him. The war already feels like it has been going on for too long for Mr. Black though, passed up for promotion when he is clearly the man with the most talent. Even XCOM's report on the current mission didn't make any sense, going into an already evacuated area to stop an in progress abduction, when the war is over Mr. Black would save a bullet for whoever is in charge of XCOM's intelligence reports.



A new creature made an appearance....it wasn't very impressive. Black and one of the recruits made short work of a thin man.



Three floaters appeared and the team took up position to fight them off using Mr. Black's tried and true tactics of throwing smoke and shooting back



One dropped in behind the team and was quickly killed by a recruit and Laz



Alex drew the fire of the nearest one, then politely wounded it was his pistol so that the other recruit could get her first kill.



After finishing off the remaining one, three more floaters appeared to take their place. Mr. Black used his other go to tactic of wound everything to make their aim worse, fall everyone back, and then throw a smoke grenade




A thin man and another cloaked creature appeared on the right, Scohui tried to take a shot but missed, he probably had smoke in his eyes. One of the floaters jumped behind us but was quickly killed by Laz.



The thin man couldn't be allowed to flank so Scohui decided that now was the time to test out his new toy while Black continued his strategy of severely wounding everything.



Alex draws fire from the overwatching thin man and moves to flank the final floater.


Then the game cheats, showing us why you don't play XCOM in Ironman mode.


The recruit manages to kill the Thin Man and everyone hunkers down to avoid fire from the floater, which I'll load a saved game if he kills someone anyway because fuck this games line of sight problems.


The cloaked unit is killed by Alex's overwatch



Laz moves (to a position that is not flanking the floater, so the floater has to be behind the statue, so there's no reason why Alex not only can't see it but no reason why he isn't also flanking it) up and kills the final floater





The first month has gone by


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8 Kills... HOLY S**T! 2 more and I'm on a Rampage =P

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I'm laughing so hard right now xD


I really blend in well with the rest of the team.

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I'm laughing so hard right now xD


I really blend in well with the rest of the team.

Could be worse.

You could be wearing a red shirt like Molly and Limijanto.

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Another small UFO was shot down and another team prepared for battle


A group of sectoids were quickly encountered, Gunner dropped one with his overwatch, Brooks started to lay down some fire while Yor and Scohui flanked them. Pegasus celebrated his return to action by charging the last one.






The team ran into another group. Scohui destroyed their cover with a rocket, Meat drew their fire, and the rest quickly finished them off





The team set up to the assault the ship and the Outsider who was assumed to be inside. It was no match for our firepower, Pegasus even stopped to pick up some meld on the way to delivering the killing blow.





We drew the attention of some floaters but with Brook laying down fire, Meat drawing their overwatch, and some smoke grenades to cover us they were quickly advanced on and killed.




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An abduction mission in Russia


Smoke was thrown to give the men exiting a building some needed cover. Baur rushed across the map to kill a floater while Ace moved up behind another with his sawed off shotgun.



Eiousx lays down covering fire while Mortensen grenades a flanking thin man



Eiousx turns his attention to suppressing a group of advancing Sectoids while Mortensen moves past him in an attempt to flank



The squad moves up protected by light cover and smoke but Acepilot is grabbed by a Seeker


It is quickly destroyed by Eiousx and Walker, while Mortensen gets into position.




Oreyn suppresses an overwatching Sectoid, allowing Kaur and AcePilot to finish the mission.





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Everyone knows where Eiousx is. The pink armor does it again...

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Love the way my soldier looks, and it says I got 4 kills. Is that in total from the two missions or just that one you did?

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Love the way my soldier looks, and it says I got 4 kills. Is that in total from the two missions or just that one you did?

Total, that mission only had eight enemies.


A routine small ship crash site. I promoted some of the other recruits and took a new guy to train, I'm going to need to promote more people as fatigue is starting to become a problem.


I get first blood with an overwatch shot and learn that the acid from a thin man can damage their own allies



Three floaters appear behind us, smoke is thrown, the scout draws their fire, and they are quickly dealt with



The team sets up to breach the ship with me taking a side bath to cover them from another group of floaters


The Outsider is wounded by me, while the scout draws his fire and finishes him off.





Thinks were looking good...and then this happened


Normally I would want the team full of shotgun wielding Assaults with the close combat specialist ability, unfortunately most of the people I would have wanted to bring on a mission like this were fatigued so I ended up sending a lot of Infantry with Laserrifle as my close range Specialist, Alexander and Dyzz brought shotguns and Dyzz took four grenades with him just in case.


The team ran into a group of floaters about to kill some civilians, the team was quick to respond



Laz rescued the civilians and we prepared to go inside, while Alex went around back helping a civilian along the way



Upon entry we were met by four floaters looking at us through the windows.


Dyzz civilians to save and no time for this


With the wall down and one of the floaters dead, two more were killed by the rest of the team. A wounded one fled only to be finished off by a long range (18% chance to hit) pistol shot by Alex.



Black and Laz moved to the upper floor to get a better position and to rescue a civilian while Dyzz and Laser moved to save the four people in the next room. Caljkn remained in the first room to reload, as he is slow and apparently unable to hit anything even with multiple shots.


I have just the man to deal with this. I'm sure Laser will be ok, he's behind cover.



Laz drops down from the second floor and shoots the one in back



Alex rushes into the building having finished off the fleeing floater and shoots the second one, the first one should be killed by Laserrifle's automatic shot when an enemy moves within 4 spaces of him no matter which way it goes


Laser weakens one then kills the near one with his reaction on its turn and Caljkn finally hits something.



Mr. Black kills the zombie to end the mission



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8 Kills... HOLY S**T! 2 more and I'm on a Rampage =P

And there's my rampage.

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Nicknames are given (and can be changed) once you reach the rank of Corporal, let me know what you want yours to be.


With the experienced soldiers resting group of freshly promoted recruits (and some recruits, one of them being a now healed badass from the large mothership mission who already had four kills) were assigned to the next mission



Resistance was encountered immediately




The wounded floater missed thanks to his poor aim and the cover of smoke and we made our way towards the nearest sound


Sectoids, Thin Men, and Seekers appeared. I had my shotgun wielding scout up close to draw fire while one of the recruits flanked to the right



Our forward scout was wounded and pulled back to be healed, a psychic attack caused her to panic but everyone else managed to keep calm. The recruit ran into some trouble as another sectoid joined and healed the wounded one.



Overwatch brought down one of the drones but my recruit started to panic after a psychic attack.



Our medic moved up to destroy a seeker while the other recruit moved to reinforce out flank. He set up an overwatch while the wounded man ran back around the corner, when the alien went after him he was killed by the overwatch.



The medic flanked and killed the sectoid while our slightly healed scout finished off the wounded seeker. The recruits finished off their target to complete the mission.







On the next mission Pegasus gets shot again.

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On the next mission Pegasus gets shot again.

It's probably best to remove the sticky note that says "Shoot me!" from his back.

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