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War Thunder Clan Update: Its the end for Gobu

8 posts in this topic

Dear AJSA War Thunder Clan Members,


While some of you have gotten the news, I have come here to inform the rest of you on the forums of my leave. For 1 year I have been with the AJSA War Thunder clan, and I have enjoyed playing with you guys for what feels like a long time. I felt like this was the perfect clan during the time and have enjoyed my time here. However, there have been many ups and downs with the clan and I feel that the roller coaster has come to a stop. While at first we were casual clan, who enjoyed playing together researching and grinding our way to get our jets. It wasn't until Tobbilini entered us into a tournament did I feel we could be the best NA competitive clan. Out of 64 clans, we made it to the top 16. An Accomplishment that was celebrated and decorated on this clan.


However, the train has to stop at some point. I may have said in the past I wanted to leave, because of a little update that may have nerfed 0.50 cals, but this time there are some valid reasons.

Before I do, this has nothing to do with you guys or the Officers. The Officers have done what they could to keep this clan going, but as you can see, there has been a decline since our last tournament that this is no longer a competitive clan. 

So with that out of the way as I am not here to moan or complain, here is the list:


- The clan is now (in my opinion) a casual group who's interest is to have fun and to fly together to help each other grind. It is no longer competitive. You may say "hey Gobu, I want to be competitive though." Sadly its no longer the case as the officers, I feel do not have the time to keep this clan competitive and cannot keep us interested in becoming competitive. It is not their fault though, but it was inevitable, as I can understand the difficulty in doing keeping this clan competitive as I lead the one training on Saturday. I feel we need to let them have a break.

- The AJSA Clan as a whole (this means the management) is utter dog.... What I mean is that I have come dislike the ways in which the AJSA as a whole has become. If you want to know more send me a private message, as I am not here to post anything that makes the AJSA look bad or the WT clan. I just wish not to affiliate myself with the AJSA anymore.

- It has also occurred to me that life happens as well. I have also seen this with other AJSA members as well as the officers as I believe it is time we took a break. I only wish to play with you guys as my friends together to have good times and fun. This clan has gotten real competitive and I want to move away from that and bring back the friendships I have made in this WT clan. The competitiveness began to settle in and I started to arguments and may have said some things I regret (Sorry to those). I only wish to play games for the joy and fun, and to expand to other games as WT is not the only game I play. 

- Personally I have felt the need to show up to every training no matter what as I felt there were few of those who active and I wanted to enjoy the events on the weekends. Because of that I feel burned out and no longer want to have those chained locked tight on me. I felt that if I missed a training, I missed everything as it is the only time we got all the active players together for one day. 




You may think that you just joined and are now enjoying it, or feel as if you been cheated and left out. I can assure you that no matter how you feel, it is for the best. I believe this clan is no longer competitive as it once was, and is now a group of casual players who come to have fun and enjoy playing. However, the officers of the WT clan have done their very best to keep this clan together for a long time, but at some point it has to come to an end. I was hoping for the clan would last to see World War Mode, but alas Gajin takes too damn long to make that happen. 


I will stay in the AJSA ts to play with you guys with WT and other games. However, at some point I would like to have another ts dedicated to those who see the same way and would like to join this little War Thunder group we have formed. 


My name on Steam is Gobu, and I hope to still see you guys despite my leave.

(Seriously don't think this is the end of the world thats not what I want to happen :P)

- If you have questions regarding this either leave them below, private message me on here or steam, or talk to me in ts. 


Special Thanks to the officers for creating and maintaining (In my opinion) the longest running AJSA clan. 

- Drogoran (aka Dragogo)

- Johan Schumann

- Mondez

- Honsou

- Tobbilini (aka Unicorn Wizard)



Never Forget (by Drogoran):



I hope this not the last goodbye

      ~ Gobu

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I also suggest that if this is the end of the AJSA Clan, that we have one last Saturday training where we all have a time of fun with one last custom battle. (Maybe followed by a cards against humanity game for good old times.)

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It's sad to see you chicken out like this  ^_^ Goodbye Gobu I guess


Have fun, Mondez. -.-

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:( Well I hope you fine a new home soon that makes you feel great. I'll miss you.o7

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It's sad to see you go and whatever you play, have fun playing it. Farewell buddy and take care. Come visit on ts sometimes.

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Sad to see you go Cobu it was fun hopefully you find what you are looking for & just come visit us on ts sometimes :(

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I always felt that you and tobi were the heart of the clan. If you all go on to make your own clan (i have no idea) I will be happy to join. 

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i would be up for a last traning if people showed up yeah :)

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