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Tablestop miniature wargaming

20 posts in this topic

So I started this in christmas of 07, and got hooked, thousands of dollars later I'm still going strong.


I my years I've only done one propper game, a a few test games solo to learn rules.

This is mostly just to feed my intrest in military history.


I started with 15mm Napoleonics, I did the 1st division at Salamanca. It's so far the only project I've ever finished.


Since then I've done more napoleonics, more napoeonics, I've done Ancients, medievals, sevral 18th century wars, renesanse, thiry years war, WW1, WW2, American civil war. Sengoku, Vietnam, modersn, sci fi(mostly star trek) 


I've gone through 15mm, 28mm, 6mm, 10mm and 40mm, and the od 54, 79 and 94mm figure.


I'm now quite clearly a 28mm "gamer" and painter. While I pine from the days of 15mm, and some times stray to other scales. 
I'm simply not happy with my paint job on anything except 28mm(not that I'm always happy with them eithe)



Some Pics.

Lets start with some Sengoku




And go straight for the war of spanish succession(WSS)





Some 7 years war figures, prussians and austrians






Lets go way back in time, to Roman Republican soldiers, 


My roman legion, 2 units of hastati, 2 of pricpes, 1 of triarii, 1 skrimish unit of vesites, and two small flank units of cav.





My Pyhrric army 


Celtic cav



US WW2 Marines




Russian Napoleonic dragoons


The Brandenbruger infantery regiment





Prussian landwehr cav



I'm I modest painter, I have no talent, simply practice, and still after all these years nothing compeard to how fantastic others can make figures look, many people can make 15mm figures look much better then my 28mm.

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Those look great

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Thanks guys, right now I'm working on some russian hussars.

10 squadrons from 2 different regiments.

6 squadrons of Ahtyrka and 4 of white Russia.

at 6 figures pr squadron it will be 60 figures.

And thats just one brigade, i need 11 more squadrons of two other hussar regiments.

And 7 squadrons of dragoons.

If i ever finish that, I'll have painted 168 figures, and that's if i don't bother with the 9 cossacks units (cossacks are generally not used in battles.

So if i do all those, I'll have made the IV cavalry corps in the army of Silesia 1813

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Damn u have some nice stuff here man ^^

Question for you: Have you ever tried 1.72 scale?

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Never tried it, Not a fan of soft plastics(that are the most common 1:72.


If I were to make a diorama of 5000 figures I would use plastic 1:72.


I prefer metal, I sometimes use new hard plastic 28mm.

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The Duke of Marlborough him self.


Not the inventer of sigaretts but the ancestor of Winston Churchill and the beater of the French!







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Excellent work

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So......many Tyranids... left that I have to paint. But yeah, your army looks real good.

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Thanks guys. More done, Two major new projects started


Dutch regiment of  Friesheim for the NYW
And first 3 squadrons of the Småland regiment, I hope to some time by february have all 8 squadrons that where at Poltova.
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Thats just amazing, just pure amazingness.


Also the Duke of Malborough didnt invent the cigarettes? DISSAPOINTED

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Thanks, I finsihed the Kalmar regiment yoday, I'll post some pics after i take some daylight photos.

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Not sure, so far the only Norwegians I've painted have been modern, (marine force recon figures as standins with norwegian cammo) unless you count vikings as Norwegians.

I think I'll only paint Norwegians in two circumstances.

1. If someone made good dynamic norwegian and swedish figures for 1809 or 1814. So far none have made them.

2. More likely skånske krigen, it actually saw a decent sized norwegian army invading Sweden. There are sevral figures made that would work for that war.

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30 strong. The front center standard barer is Liutenant Engebakken the ancestor to my fiance, But he has to be a Norwegian, Because she refuses to have a Swede in her liniage(Bad enough I'm only a few generations removed swede on both sides)





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