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Heroes of the storm lag spikes

6 posts in this topic


Since i started playing HOTS i have these annoying lag spikes. I can play for a maximum of 10 minutes and then i get a 2-4 second freeze . I have read alot of forums and none of the things i've read seems to work. Does anyone of you guys know a solution ?

Thx :)

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If you mean Frame rate problems then lower your graphic settings a bit and turn off shadows. Maybe that would help.

DeadOrb1t likes this

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Yea usually lowering graphics settings will help with frame rate problems, otherwise it just has to do with the connection to the servers.

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Turned the graphics down also. Seems that there something is a bit of a time-out. Been playing for 20 minutes straight and sometimes there is a pop-up saying i need to interact otherwise i will be kicked from the game.  :blink:

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I have tried to lower the settings aswell but it doesn't work . My pc is good enough to play the game on maximum. 

Amd 8320 eight-core 3.50 Ghz

Geforce GTX 970 4gb

12 gb ram

Alot of people are having this issue but blizzard doesn't do much about it .

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