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Space Engineers: Stock Jump Drives!

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Now they need to improve the game performance wise, so I can finish my FPS Destroyer....

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Just don't try to jump with it if your ship has any landing gears locked....including the ones you used to lock down your rover or small dropships.....=(  the game crashed on me when i tried. Besides that its  a nice addition to the game, I know people on steam say it breaks the theme of the game a bit but the darn thing takes a while to charge back up and you need at least one large reactor to power it with out hurting your other systems ( i tried 4 small reactors, it didn't work). so you arn't going to be jumping around willy nilly outside of creative mode. Unless your world is unlimited or 100km there really is no need for it, I think they added it purely for server games with unlimited worlds. 

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