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Dodge Ram1500

Project Reality for BF2 Standalone

8 posts in this topic

Project Reality is a mod for Bf2 that consist of features in order to complete its goal of realist sim. This game makes you and your team to work together in order to accomplish the goal. Is a First Person military/realistic shooter and it cant switch to third person in vehicles, so its always First Person. PvP. And IT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. No Bf2 required.

People That I am playing with:



People that support:






  • This game is all about teamwork.
  • Friendly community that can teach you about the mechanics of the game
  • Up to 100 players in the same battle
  • Really good tactical maps
  • Really good simulated and realistic game modes like AAS and Insurgency
  • Excellent sound design even the bullet touching the ground makes a sound
  • Free standalone
  • Amazing moments like BlackHawk Down Thrill
  • Unique team like France, US, Britain, ect.
  • This game has a unique radio system that doesn't require TS3
  • Good squad system
  • Really good construction system


  • The graphics are not the best
  • Some people team kill
  • The BF2 engine takes a long time to load the map.
  • No friends system
  • Coop server tent to lag
  • It takes time to learn the mechanics

Example Events:

  • We can have clan battles with others community.
  • We can scenarios like Blackhawk Down type.
  • Practice in are own server to make ourselves better

The Reason Why I What to Support it:

This is the game that I always wanted, Teamwork, Focus and having a good time with mates. Also Squad is coming out, so its a good time to practice the mechanics of this game and beat every clan as we can to get to number ONE!!!

To get the standalone, visit http://www.moddb.com/mods/project-reality/downloads/project-reality-bf2-standalone and also read the manual at http://www.realitymod.com/manual/pr_manual.pdf

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are the servers still up for it?  the mod is great,  I remember playing this, I support this 

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yeap, servers are up! there is about four populated servers

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hit me up for the next time you guys play

Dodge Ram1500 likes this

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If you guys are interesting at testing this game. Try to tell me what channel to join so everyone who are interested to join can join us  :D . I just don't what to have a conflict to other channels. I can be on today.

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I would play this, it's installing again right now.
Would you guys want to play on friday?

Trying to find out the best time for us all to jump on.

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I have spoken to Dodge Ram1500 and I am moving it ahead into unofficial support. I will move this thread to completed in one day.

and Oktarnash like this

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