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Why not make batman have a Fight club feel?

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So the new Arkham knight game has created a situation where batman and the joker could become one and the same person. Let me just give a brief story pitch. While batman is running around the city he starts to black out from all the hours he has been working to stop crime. He falls asleep and the jokers voice wakes him up in the same spot he fell asleep in. The joker always makes some note that he is falling asleep at the job because he is all work and no play. Batman starts to hear rumors of a new crime boss in town with a lot of money that everyone is to afraid to go up against. This new crime boss takes over and starts terrorizing Gotham through lackeys, always staying in the background. Batman keeps searching and searching for this crime boss tearing through the underworld to find this new kind of maniac. Then, one night Bruce Wayne goes to a charity event for orphans. Bruce gets some time to walk around and learn about 5 people at this party and what good people they try to be while they help Gotham. The Penguin then walks into the party, walks up to Bruce during the party and tells him "Here is the package you wanted." The Penguin then hands Bruce a small box that when he opens a Jack in the box pops out with a small note that reads "SMILE BATS! IT'S A PARTY!" and then an explosion goes off that cripples the tower they are in. Bruce realizes that he can't save everyone and you as the player are now put into a situation where you can only save 3 people that you have talked to so far. There will be an achievement for saving all 5, but they will be spread out across the whole party and will be difficult to save quickly enough. After this happens Bruce goes back to Wayne manor to realize that thugs working for the new crime boss are waiting for you. You as the player quickly realize that you are the new crime boss and joker controls your character while you are asleep. There are sections of the game where you play as the joker in Batman's body. There will also be 3 situations where you follow the joker who is controlling your body to watch what he is doing to other people in order to create the utopia that only he and Batman can live in together. A world with no criminals because their are no people left to commit crime. The Joker doesn't want to kill anyone, but he does create a plan to incapacitate them forever with laugh toxin. A world of smiles all around.

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Dood, this idea has as much potential as a robotic, bartending sex doll with a Nuclear Physics degree and a free wifi internet hotspot feature.

During the climax of that particular quest you could have Batman stripped of access all of his gear and even the Batcave, with Alfred (who'd be captive or presumed dead of course) as the only way to undo all the damage and maybe even a chase sequence or boss fight between Bats and the Batmobile.

You, sir, are a mad genius. Now excuse me while I torture myself by fantasizing about this wonderful idea of yours 


Most certainly would've loved this much MUCH more than what we've got so far. I mean, the Joker twist started off fantastic, and then he got reduced to comic relief. GOOD comic relief, but not much else. The game sure as well could use something like this, considering how "safe" they played it through and through. I personally was looking forward to civilian NPCs to help or hinder Batman depending on your actions throughout the game. But that would've been too much fun, I guess.

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The rule about Batman arkham knight is that you dont talk about Batman arkham knight.

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