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Quick and dirty Magic/Matrix gameplay (Shadowrun)

3 posts in this topic

Ok, from looting I move to something that really matters: Shadowrun's overly complicated magic and matrix systems. I don't have the Grimoire, but I do have the Virtual Realities 2.0 book (which has helped a LOT). But both systems are almost minigames in themselves.

Can anyone offer some tips for implementing these on the fly? Particularly the Matrix systems and shamans, regular magicians are simple by comparison (declare spell force>cast>resist drain). At the moment my campaign is using strictly guns and bullets for "bad guy" defenses, but I'd really love to play around with more astral protection to liven things up. With all the cool guns it's easy to lose track of the fact that magic is also very much a part of this world.


Oh! And we're using an SRII/SRIII hybrid (SR2.5?)

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Honestly I don't really touch magic much, either. It's just not my thing. Technostuff, yes, I love technology, but even in DnD I tend to give magic a wide berth. 

In short I am no help here and am pretty much in the same pickle you are on this account, so I'll be watching this thread in case a more experienced GM has some advice. 

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Only know the rules for 5th and a bit of 1st and 4th. Magic is or seems pretty easy in those. I've read the Matrix, decker, rigger chapters a few times in 5th and I'm still not sure I understand it.

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