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What is 6on6 competetive

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Welcome everybody to the "What is" 6on6 competetive gamemode !


Standard and most common 6on6 formation is:



Pocket -  Soldier

Roamer - Usually Soldier

2 Scouts -

Medic and Demoman never change classes within a game, while rest of the classes sometimes do.

The most common Offclass is scout turning sniper or pyro.


Medic is the most important class in the team, Healing has obvious benefits of keeping team members alive and overhealing helps your allys winning fights thanks to having more hp than your enemy. However with all his benefits medic is also the easiest target to kill and the worst damage dealing class in the game.

Demoman is the big gun of almost every team fight, his burst damage and mobility provides great support and slowing enemy's pushes gives huge tactical advantages. However he is vulnerable to up-close damage and should be guarded by a scout. Demoman is also used as pocket when medic takes kritzkrieg.

Pocket is the guardian angel of medic, his job is to make sure nothing happens to him. Pocket can also be the most powerfull gun in the neighborhood when his medic fires ÜberCharge.

Basic setup:48px-Item_icon_Rocket_Launcher.png?t=201,48px-Item_icon_Shotgun.png?t=20120701011 , 48px-Item_icon_Escape_Plan.png?t=2012063

Roamer is an assasin, with his rocket jumps he can SMITE his foes like a thunder coming from nowhere. 

Basic setup:48px-Item_icon_Rocket_Launcher.png?t=201,48px-Item_icon_Gunboats.png?t=2012063023,48px-Item_icon_Equalizer.png?t=201206302

Scouts are considered the most effective utility, they are fast and they can easily pick injured enemys with their scuttergun.           However they are most usefull capturing points and patrolling flanks. Scouts should also be guarding demoman and helping roamer.


Early game:

Early game is the crucial part of the match. Team that reaches middle point first gains huge advantage.

Medic must start healing demoman instantly after respawn, than overheal scouts than heal roamer till you reach middle where you must heal pocket and than switch back to demoman.

Demoman has to jump out of the spawn and reach middle point as fast it is possible.

Pocket must damage himself and run to the point with Escape plan

Roamer have to rocket-jump all the way to the middle point.

Scouts well, they just run. Nothing complicated here.


Middle/late game:

No matter if you won or lost middle point setup works the same, pocket goes to medic roamer tries to kill someone and scouts guard flanks, captures points and defend demoman.


Thank you for reading and please comment below !

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Be aware that following the Gun Mettle update the Equalizer was nerfed, making it harder to get kills at low health. A good alternative for it would be the Market Gardener and Liberty Launcher combo.

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