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An Idea for Battlefield Hardline story that fits battlfield

1 post in this topic

Right now Mexico is having such a large scale drug war with the cartels that the government doesn't actually believe that they can win. You can google this war that is going on right now. A few months ago a few college students protested against the cartels and police picked the students up and handed them over to local drug lords. The people started to riot in the streets and currently the populace is on a witch hunt for anyone associated with the cartels in the area. So just make a campaign where you are a police officer that is attempting to take down all the cartels in mexico by any means necessary. You go into towns and start gathering information about the local drug lords then when you have enough you take one of the flunkies of the cartel. You interrogate the flunky to tell you where the local drug lords base is. Evil involves torture and the more you do it the more people attempt to find out what you are doing. Eventually in the evil path people begin to walk in on your torture sessions to try to get you to stop. On the good path you interrogate him using the information that you picked up in the town to get him to confess and tell you what he knows. This could easily tie into the multiplayer as the mexican military is having open battles with the larger cartels. This could also be used to shed light on a situation that is happening right across our own border and is affecting our nation right now.

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this idea for a story of hardline. 

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