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Executive Assault

4 posts in this topic

Where to start with this game, this game is EPIC!!!!! This game is an RTS combined with a FPS. Yeah, sounds awesome already right?
So the background is you are a company who wants this planet by any means necessary, so instead of peacefully talking they just send robots to kill each other.

You start of with a base and an area that you can build in (not currently a way to expand) you research new units, building, weapons, security systems and so on along with getting iron deposits for resources. So currently this still sounds like any other RTS game, but here is the best bit.

You can control almost every single unit in the game, want to be infantry charging into the enemy base, you can. Want to be a tank/jeep assaulting enemy units/deposits you can. Want to take to the skies in a fighter or a bomber you can. This game is one of the most awesome things I've played in a long time, and it needs some love. 

You can get the game here http://store.steampowered.com/app/331500/

But also watch this video.

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So we can finally play as Corporate Commander and see with our own eye, what evil he has planned?

Keeping my eye on it.

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Looks good I will keep it on the wish list and see how it goes. I loved seeing the old school c&c gates that lower into the ground. 


I was only thinking the other day I'd love to see a game, say a survivor based game where you have to build your own tanks and stuff. But instead of surviving crap it's a military base C&C style. So you need a load of your friends to come in and build and fight 

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