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"Superheroes, Cities, and Empty Streets"

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Austin explains why he wishes Arkham Knight's Gotham was more populated and analyzes the relationship between superheroes and cities.

Austin Walker, easily one of the best writers in games media, wrote this article a few days ago on the Arkham series.


This portion sums up much of the reason why I liked the atmosphere and setting of Arkham Asylum more than the other games and why I found it annoying that with every new game they increased the size of the map but had to find reasons why there would be no civilians in any of the areas.


For once, I want a Batman game where I’m compelled to save the day not because of abstract threats, damsels in distress, or a desire for personal vengeance, but because the beauty of Gotham City compels me to protect it. Instead, I’m left for the fourth time with Batman and his playground.


In the first game of the series, Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum, this barely chafed against me at all. Asylum’s dangerous hub world connected separate levels filled with combat and stealth challenges. The whole thing had the plotting and pacing of a (good) Die Hard film. And while the detective mode challenges aren’t as developed as they would become in Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight, Asylum’s narrow focus ensured that the player still got to feel like the ever-observant Dark Knight. Over the course of the game, the player passed through the courtyards and tunnels of Arkham Asylum, watched as new threats appear and old ones were cleared away. Asylum’s version of the Batman fantasy highlighted how the hero’s intelligence and resilience let him win out against overwhelming odds: First, infiltrate a dangerous place. Then, survive long enough to learn its ins-and-outs (architecturally, historically, and socially). Finally, use that new knowledge to masterfully take down all of your adversaries.


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I can bet if the city was populated ppl will cry about the civilians getting in the way or constantly asking for help.  They added a new thing with the batmobile and people winged about having to use it too much.  Well just run and swing about all the time exactly like arkham city then.


You cant please everyone.

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The Batmobile was bound to cause complaints from the beginning, and in certain sections you can't just ignore it. I've never heard anyone complain about having people in a large city in games like Infamous or Spider-Man, either to give some life to the environment or to add more variety to side activities (other than saving random lone firefighters).

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