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5 Stack Fun (unofficial event)

2 posts in this topic

I'm board of solo play. I'm board of solo play in a 5 stack. Fuck this, if you gonna play a team based game you got to go in with balls and style :)

I need 4 other players from EU Servers around GMT+1 Timezone. 

No beginners, but you don't have to be super pro too. But you must be able to play at least 3 of the Heroes we will be playing.

Mode - AP . No waiting, do not care for counter picks. In Dota you either play your game or you let your enemy decide your game. Don't let them decide for you, play your own game.

Hero Picks will be:

5 - Lich - safe lane  (Others: Disruptor, Warlock)

4 - Enigma - Jungle - Dagger+ManaBoots

3 - Tidehunter - off lane Solo - Dagger+ManaBoots (Others: DS)

2 - Magnus - Mid - Dager+ManaBoots

1 - Sven - Safelane (Others: Void, Gyro)

The idea is simple, destroy them with Arial bombardment. Have fun playing in a team. Do not argue with teammates, but contribute to the Team. No need to farm after level 6, just farm heroes. Watch your cooldowns and don't fight without them.

I will be the captain but don't wary. If you can play, I wont have to tell you how to play.

Anyone that likes to join this event please state the days and times you are able to play in the upcoming 2 weeks so we can see when should we do it.

If this event goes well and we all have fun, we can do it again with different combination of heroes, with different Game Plan. But for now I just want to see some good utlies that hold the enemy in place, damn if we kill them or not. Damn if we win or lose. The major point is work as a team, fight as a team and enjoy team play. Enough play with hate, cause your teammates are failing you. Enough solo play in 5 Stacks, enough Farm till end game.

Dota is a wonderful game and there is no point for regret and sorrow for losing, if you are truly working in a team to achieve a common goal, that won't happen. Above all you play to WIN. The easiest way to win, is to work together as one.

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Here is a Beta Test in a 4-Stack with some friends from the AJSA.


As you can see the game did not went exactly on our side. But in the end with some team play and well picked heroes and clear game plan before the game, we do manage to beat a 5 Stack on the other side.

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