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Dark Souls III

255 posts in this topic

First of all new update came out and after players have pleaded, we have gained the most glorious of things:


That's right the Ornstein Plume has been added in the pre-patch of the Ringed City! Among other things, due to being pre patched people have dug up some of the new goodies that will be in the DLC so you have to watch out about that.


The launch trailer for the Ring City is out. Starts out showing the end of Ashes of Ariandel with the painter talking about the pigment that Gael is seeking for. Leads into stuff we have seen in previous trailers briefly and then we see some new stuff with some new dialogue:


From the trailer and previous ones I think there are at least three boss fights. We have the Demon in Pain & Demon from Below fight that has been the main focus. From the trailers there is the giant gray giant at the end of a bridge with those phantoms we have seen in a trailer. And now at the end of this trailer we see what appears to be an ancient dragon tainted by the Abyss. There are also some screenshots they released as well:


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Going to reiterate that people who want to go in blind, be careful on the internet, head the warning. Unfortunately I was not and know what the final boss fight of the Ringed City is. Theoretically if you were one who looks at the lore and story you probably could of seen this fight coming but I was trying to avoid spoilers as best as possible, unfortunately one site I visit alot had someone leak it in big damn letters in a forum post. So just be careful out there because some people have access to the DLC and are leaking stuff left and right.

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If you were waiting for a game of the year edition of Dark Souls 3 it is out now:


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can't effingf wait to finally get my paws on dark souls 3. I still don't have it though because I only have 100 bucks (canadian) atm, and as much as I love dark souls, Trails in the sky 3rd gets priority, which is out in less than 2 weeks, that'll bring me down to like 70 bucks, but I'm waiting to see what golden week brings to the table.. if nothing, dark souls 3 get.

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