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How we handle applications! *Apps on Hold*

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Hi guys  :ph34r: 


Here I just wanted to go over what we base our rejections/approvals on,

and how you as a applicant should move from there




1. Approving/rejecting a applicant is based on several things; depending on how

entertaining/interactive a streamer are/the overall look of your stream

channel/profile And the quality of the stream you are providing.



2. Whenever we reject an applicant we will give a reason to why, and also list what you can do to improve your chances of getting accepted if you decide to apply at a later date. We do this because we can´t accepted everyone, but at the same time we like to give our feedback and help, to all aspiring streamers! So pay some mind to what we say - work on it, and re apply again at a later date!



3. We do have one thing that we can´t do much about, which is the age restriction of 18+ 



4. A general tips for applications though is you MUST have VODs ON! otherwise we wont be able to watch your previous broadcast,and with that unable to; determine what quality of the stream you have, and how entertaining you are.



5. All communication will be handled on this forum, be it a rejection or invitation to a Skype interview!

so make sure to check back to the forum ever so often!





And as always, if you have any question regarding streaming in general or the stream team,

don´t hesitate to ask me!

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 i applied to the stream team twice(2nd one in december last year, will try a third and  perhaps make a skype but in my previous tries i have not been contacted as to why I was rejected via the forums.

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If you never received a reply then that was probably after Ravenfist unfortunately had to step down due to real life issues. At this point in time, the stream team isn't approving any more members until a new leader is elected. This was tweeted out a few times on the AJSA twitter but probably not communicated very well otherwise.


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thanks for letting me know.i was following the ajsa on twitter but the tweets never showed up in my inbox.anyway if a new leader is found i hope a clear post can be made so you can apply.

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