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Letter from the Guild Commanders Desk.

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Greetings members of the Angry Army, I am Foxx, and I will be the Guild Commander for the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn MMORPG. I go by the handle Lloth D'arcmoor and I play a Miqo'te. I am a dude, do not hit on me.

I am writing this for future prospects who are interested in joining a surprisingly fun game. A romantic setting about a world that has recently suffered a cataclysmic event with still far reaching and on going consequences. It is a game filled with nostalgia from previous games that made us love the Final Fantasy series. It is a challenging game that makes people work together on the harder level dungeons to struggle for success with each step. If you stick with it, it is a humorous game that has no problem with making fun of itself for our amusement.

Going with the hype, the game purports on having four million subscribers; good numbers for a pay-to-play. It has come a long way from its dismal opening, apology from the the game maker, and subsequent renovation into what we have today. We are now off into the new expansion and it is time to seriously get the Angry Army involved with this game.

My reasons are simple, I don't want to play in this MMO by myself. I want to carter to a community of like minder gamers who like to have fun. Attempts have been made to get the FC off the ground, but there have bee misfires and setbacks. Failure is only a sign of doing something wrong or just bad timing. People have lives to live and can not donate all their time to keeping a guild open and running. That was one of the problems that Seph had when we talked about this game. I intend to eliminate this particular problem and free up his plate to do other things. He has done a lot for this community and its only fair that someone pick up some the responsibilities for one of these games. Final Fantasy will be my game that I run and support for the Angry Community.

Thus, I have two simple rules I follow and so will everyone else:

1. Have fun.

2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I am born again, so intend to run the guild with grace and mercy. I have nineteen years of military and private security experience dealing with less desirable aspects of humanity. Meaning: I will treat you as adults, or young adults (actually expecting you to act like gamers in a game community). If for some reason someone gets so out of hand that simple reason can no longer be applied, I will deal with it harshly. I derive no joy from having to do that part of the job. Do not try me to see if I will do it, that is simply silly.

This is getting long so I will end it here. If you are looking to get establish in a fun game and play with some cool folks, I am offering an opportunity to set up roots here in FFXVI. Sure, you can play in the other boring or broken or both fantasy rpgs; but why?


Lloth D'Arcmoor (a.k.a. Foxx)

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All hail Lloth :)

I'm not too confident on my ability to run dungeons and the like at them moment as I'm forced to use a gamepad due to repetitive strain from keyboard and mouse usage at work and then at home. Unfortunately I can't stop using it at work so I've made the best of what I can. That being said I will try if the FC needs my help (I'm a Tank), the only problem I anticipate having is targeting enemies quickly as I can only target nearest object/enemy or cycle through friends with the dpad controls.

On the flip side this is affording me plenty of time to level my miner and goldsmith (then armorer and Alchemist) so I can do my best to assist with equipment and resources.

Hopefully I will be cured of this literal pain in my neck within the next month or so.

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We'll be happy to have a miner and goldsmith in the ranks. Kira does a lot of modeling and remodeling of the house and can use the resources.

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well crap, im not on the same server :/

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Okay, a much needed Letter to the FC:

Alright, well, the last two weeks have been interesting and not in a good way. We had a our first test dealing with a problem between players and while I thought it resolved for benefit of everyone, said issue came back again. This time resulting in decisions that left some of us upset, angry, or just fed up. 


After tonight, Baliel is no longer associated with the AJSA Final Fantasy FC. I've found out he went back on what we agreed on and was picking Madoka again. Excluding her from dungeons by name. If that is not sound reason for me to be convinced he's not going to recant his ways, nothing will. When I demoted him and publicly called him out, he quit. He called me a few things on the way out, but honestly, it was going to be messy irregardless. HE IS NOT TO BE ALLOWED BACK. 


The thing that gets me is that this happen over the course of the week and I've found out tonight what happen. We need to work on our communication more. We can't let things like this slip by without finding out whats going on. I am well aware that my schedule sucks and i'm not around as much as I would like to be on evenings when everything is going down. Thats why I have faith in my guild officers to help me out when I'm not there. This is an area that we need to work on. Not just to keep the Baliel's from running a muck, but to build each other up and  help us get through this frustrating moments. I want this FC to succeed and go beyond expectations. 


We're going to have our share of growing pains, difficult players, and things happening we don't like. Only thing I can suggest is take a deep breath, remember that fun times are still ahead and we're in this together. We're the AJSA and we can ride out any conflict thrown our way; rather outside troubles or self-inflicted. 



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