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New Warhammer 40K army!

5 posts in this topic

So I was thinking of starting a 40K army,so I came here to ask you if it's worth it,seen as the prices are sky-high and I would rather do it sooner that paying 100$ on one model.


I'm thinking of doing an Ork one if that helps.

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Honestly, I used Ebay and got a full Ork and Tau army for about $5000 total. And these are really large armies. You can easily get a decent sized starter army on Ebay for around 200-500 bucks. 

Of course, that depends on the faction, Orks are more expensive than Tau due to higher demand, and if you wanna get some Sphees mahreens, you're pretty SOL. 

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Try and track down the plastic Black Reach orks from the preveious starter set. You should still find them on ebay but you basically got 20 ork boyz, 5 nobz, 3 deffkoptas and a warboss. Infact just buy the box set, it gives you some space marines and everything else you need to play (templates, dice etc)




Is it worth it?.... Well everyone needs a hobby, as long as you enjoy it.

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Anyone heard anything about a new Sisters of Battle army, or Inquisition?   I wanted to start a SoB army last year but they went and pulled all the models for them off the shelves.

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