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gamescom 2015 - Developer Q&A (Xbox edition)

2 posts in this topic

A month ago, we announced World of Tanks Xbox and that Wargaming would be going to gamescom. In this article, we asked you, the community, if there were any questions you would like put to the developers. Many of you jumped at the chance and Lead Game Designer, Jeff Gregghas been kind enough to answer.


Are there any plans to introduce tanks from other nations (for example, Poland or Canada) in the near future?

We are working on constantly bringing players new tanks as fast as we can make them look good, be balanced, and fit the fantasy of World of Tanks. New nations are a great idea and are absolutely on the table for us as we explore ways to expand the experience.


Are there any plans to add new modes that won’t be 15 v 15?

We are actively looking into new game modes. For instance, we just recently added Team Training and PvE (Proving Grounds). We will continuing to look for more opportunities to expand WoT with new game modes.


With the additions of the Freedom and the Liberte, are there any plans for special camo tanks for the other nations?


Yes! The T1E6X1 just hit the battlefield for the XBox One launch. While it is an American tank, it has a cool custom camo pattern. We are always looking for cool tanks to give custom camo patterns to and reasons to get them to the players. We hear the desire to have more custom camo tanks for the other nations. Wait and see what’s coming...


Are there any Tournaments or eSports events in the pipeline?

One of the main reasons we added “Team Training” mode was to set up the infrastructure for teams to compete in tournaments and for eventual eSports events. So you can see the beginnings of these developments in the game right now.


At present, you need 6 players to start a game in the Training room. Are there plans to lower the amount of players necessary to start the game?

We would love to do that. The issue is that every game that players start take up the same amount of server space as a 15v15 match does. We purposely set the min player count to be 6v6 first to be able to measure interest and server load. Once (if) we are satisfied that we can handle more concurrent matches you may see the minimum requirement lowered.


World of Tanks PC has an option menu so players can remove game types (Standard/Assault/Encounter). Is it possible to add this option menu for Xbox?

That depends on the number of active players that our servers are dealing with. We want to make sure the matchmaker has as large a population as possible to pick from in order to give players the fairest and best matches it can in all game types. If we have enough players online we can afford to allow users to opt out of certain modes without hurting those that DO want to play (by starving them of players to play against).


With Xbox social features being such a key part of the Xbox One, will we see this being used to produce content and help grow the community?

Absolutely. We were excited to see all the screens and videos being published for the XBox One before the 28th(during the pre-download phase). Once the game officially launched the amount of user generated content skyrocketed and this is just the tip of the iceberg. We realize that our community IS World of Tanks and the reason we get to do our jobs every day. We will be exploring other ways to use features like these and grow the community.


Were there any significant difficulties for developing for the Xbox One compared to the 360?

Cross Platform was brand new. We had to write special code, work closely with Microsoft, and debug the heck out of two different platforms to get everything working well. It was vital to us that the cross play was as seamless as possible. Aside from that we were just taken aback by how much rendering power we now have to play with. I give our environment and tank art teams props - the game looks fantastic and every boulder, blade of grass, and plate of steel was a labour of love.


With the success of the Lunar Mode, will we be seeing any more of these fun game types as special events?

Oh there may be a surprise or two in our back pocket for future holidays and events. But I’m not saying more than that. 



And last but not least, with Tank Practice now offering select Premium vehicles to try out, will these always be the same or change over time?

That’s a really compelling idea. If it’s something our players want to see, we can explore that!

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Thanks for sharing!

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