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Etiquette when co-streaming

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Hi guys!  :ph34r: 


Since we are pushing our members to do co-streams ever so often, i thought it might be a good idea to talk about etiquette when you decide to co-stream with another streamer, i will list a couple of things thats good to go over before actually starting the stream here:




1. You arent streaming alone!

(Remember to give the other streamer time to talk to their viewers, with that i mean remember not to go on a 10 min rant about anything. Just put yourself in a situation where you aren´t able to thank a recent follower/donation/subscriber becuase of the other streamer constantly talking)



2. How will you promote each other?

(Are you guys just playing for fun? or do you want to mention the other streamers name/link from time to time? give it some thoughts and discuss it over Skype) 



3. Communication? Skype!

(I would recommend either Skype or Teamspeak, to have that fluent conversation going in between you guys)



4. After the stream? discuss!

(If this was the first co-stream, go over what you thought worked out good and bad. to make the next co-stream even better)



5. Talking to the other streamers viewers? 

(This is also something i would suggest not doing, since the other streamer might be occupied by something in the game when you talk to his viewers, and it CAN look like you trying to grab his viewers from him, even if you aren´t)


6. Change up who you co-stream with.

(Its easy to jsut wanting to co-stream with the guys you already know, but maybe co-streaming with a person OUTSIDE of your stream team could be at times MORE beneficial for you, since you might get viewers outside your known area (the teams/friends/viewers))




These are a few tips/advices i think is simple, but still quite important, at the end of the day we want the co-streams to be beneficial for BOTH streamers. And we hope our streamers (and anyone els who tries to co-stream) want to do more co-streams. And if YOU have any tips? post them in the thread and i might add them to the list.



And as always! if you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask!

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I have never done a co-stream before. When you're doing one, how do you keep up with not only conversing with your co-streamer, but also conversing with your viewers? 

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Its actually quite easy, if you have alot of ppl talking while you are streaming? jsut make sure to talk direcly to the viewers who actually direct their questions direcly to you =)

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