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Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope

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A space station simulation roguelike-like strategy game. Inspired by Babylon 5 and Faster Than Light.



In a universe with 4 known species and an unknown approaching darkness you are called upon to defend humanity, with its last best hope to survive. The Battlestation.

Not only will you be defending against relentless attacks, but you will also lead away missions to investigate derelict ships, to discover new technology, to assist mining outposts, save crew in distress, deal with traps, and other unforeseen events.



Both your Battlestation and your ships need able officers to run them. Just like in hit games like Jagged Alliance, you can recruit a wide range of characters to manage engineering, research, piloting and tactical squads. Each officer adds a bonus and special abilities to the equipment and drones that you control. Your progress and the story that you tell through your actions dictate the availability of officers, making them that much more valuable to you when they appear.




Could be a fun game. I probably wouldn't say my game is based on and quote Babylon 5 like they did


"It's all a game -- a paper fantasy of names and borders. Only one thing matters, Commander. Blood calls out for blood."

while showing my writing ability to be


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Looks interesting but I cant handle waiting long term for yet another game. Between tits sc, bloodsained, halcyon 6, dark souls 3, monsters den, xcom 2, master of orion... I dont want any more excitement in the far future qq.

The UI reminds me of Master of oriom 3 though. Had a sweet ass ui that game.. Well sweet LOOKING anyway.

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