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Would you try this game again if..........

6 posts in this topic

Deltia of Deltia.com recently posted a power leveling video, or how he levels.


He claims you can go 10-VR1 in under 8 hours.


Some of the requirements or the things he uses while doing this


Some may know this and some may not, leveling Duo's using the Rings of Mara level at a faster pace, that's a 10 percent xp boost for both when partied.


The thing he uses is the subscriber 10 % bonus XP and the 50% XP bonus thing from the cash store.


Not sure how Zenimax does the math, it could add them all together for 70% XP increase, or it could be a percentage of the original XP then add then all together or some other Zenimax employee that pulled out his old fashion slide ruler and decided that's the formula.


Why would I bring this up, well I absolutely hate the Leveling XP curve in this game 8 xp per kill on the starter islands 20 xp in the next zone, 40 in the next blah blah blah. My original Nightblade has been 49 since I stopped playing 90 days into the game.


I would estimate, I'll look it up next time I log in, but I think she has more than 100 hours played, and isn't anywhere near VR anything, one of the reasons I quit. I dont mind a grind but geez Louise, at least let me level.


Once he gets to 12 claims the duo can make 1 level every 8-12 minutes.


Now if anyone is interested in trying this method I now have a new nightblade on AD Faction at level 12 thats ready to duo with someone at or near that level like 11-13



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"The thing he uses is the subscriber 10 % bonus XP and the 50% XP bonus thing from the cash store."


Simply put: the game was designed / redesigned so players not on subs would have a slow time leveling threw the lower level zones, add 10% xp boost from sub and 50% from stupid cash shop and you have a Greedy recipe for forcing players into subs or buying shit they shouldn't need to just to enjoy the game at a decent pace. Pretty much what the guy is saying is "If you don't like leveling as a non sub then sub or buy the boos from the cash shop", in other words pay them money so you can level faster.


The ring only applies when you are partied with that person and there are two things wrong with this:

A) half the dumb quests still force you into a solo experience at times making grouping pointless

b )To really be of much help you would have to be paired up with that person almost all the time you play, it can be difficult for some players to find some one else that can play when they do because of things in their personal life like job hours that get in the way along with time zone differences.


As far as leveling normally goes, Like Joe said, the game struggles to make up its mind between the legit solo experience of Elder Scrolls and the social aspect of an MMO. In short part of the reason the low levels are such a grind is because you spend half your time running around the map trying to find all the darn quests. This is the games sad attempt at replicating part of the open world experience commonly found in ES games. This gets easier as you level up because the quests and killing the mobs start to make up the difference in the time taken just to find the darn things. Theres wealth of content in the game no argument there, problem is its all spread out across the zones and scatter brained leaving players constantly feeling short handed for not venturing off  and exploring like they "are supposed to do" ....according to zeni anyway....lolz.

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He doesn't quest after doing the first dungeon in your starter zone he does the next dungeon the one that is recommended 17-49 they do the first pulls with the skeevers un group regroup inside and reset it


The biggest thing he commented about was making sure u didnt pull the Crocs in that pull.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5WXyvUp2Gg thats the video

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Honestly, no. People have been finding Glitches and abusing them more frequently then ZoS fixing them.

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Why is that a glitch they intentionally made the dungeons scale-able, if they change it fine. But the way he's doing this isn't a hack, an abuse of mechanics, nor it is a glitch


If you think its a glitch please explain why?


And like I said on the OP, I quit the game because the leveling curve is just stupid

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Honestly no, people are finding glitches faster and abusing them and ZoS is too slow to react or just don't care.

Even if I had the PC version with it's innovative text chat and Damage Numbers still no, I will never buy a Product from ZoS ever again, they're by far much worse then Activision.

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