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Elite Dangerous is the third game in the Elite series, a series based around exploration and exploitation. This is no ordinary space sim, it is challenging and very difficult, with many other vessels have stronger weapons than you, but overtime as you earn credits you can upgrade and decorate your ship. In a universe with 400 BILLION star systems, no single play-through is likely to ever be the same, with 10 different major factions to fight for and thousands of smaller ones allowing you to create your own story in the universe, unique to you. With a adaptive, unpredictable civil AI, governments can be over thrown in the time it takes for you to do a job; suddenly friend becomes foe forcing you to change your tactics or relocate to a different home base. Pirates are an ever present threat, pulling you out of lightspeed and demanding your cargo or simply attacking you. Slowly you can build up your influence in a sector, with each mission impacting on the sector either causing civil order or damaging the local authority. Every job has a consequence.

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