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Quaggan Tequatl Zerg (September 6)

7 posts in this topic

The Event You’ve All Been Waiting For


The Tequatl Quaggan Zerg



Do you like Quaggans?

Do you like Spoons and Karma?

Then I strongly suggest you join in on September 6, 11:15pm server time [45 minutes before server reset Tequatl]!

The idea is simple- we’re gonna do a quaggan zerg out of the water and onto the beach right before Teq lands for fun, coooOOOing all the way, and then we’ll join the main zerg and kill Tequatl!

Feel free to invite your friends from other guilds, the more the merrier!

Arrive early and stage on the opposite beach, and make sure you stay for the fight (no backing out because we don’t want to make a map fail, eh?)

Contact XioKigh.3809 with your questions.


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ETA until Quaggan Zerg Arrives: soon.

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This event needs to happen again! I finally created a pun for it.  :lol:

Much like me, when I attempt to be witty, fail miserably by forgetting the punchline of my own joke, turn off Teamspeak after the event, then remember the punchline an hour after embarrassing myself. 

Story of my life

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