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Triple Trouble Event Maybe?

Triple Trouble Event.   8 members have voted

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Hello AJSA my name is Renn Shaow and I have been a player of Guild Wars 2 for a short time. I have joined the Angry Army almost as soon as I first went into the game. I have not really been that active with the community, but today I want to propose an event for the guild. I did Triple Trouble for my first time today and I failed, miserably. I was in a PuG and we didn't even manage to take even one of the wurms. This got me thinking, the main problem with PuG's and TT is that it requires a lot of co-ordination and PuG's just don't have that. What I wanted to do was an event a day of the week where the entire Guild tried to take the TT. I was hoping for a day like Saturday and we could do it along side our Guild Missions. I feel that this will be a great event and might even convince some newer players coming into Guild Wars 2 because it is Free-To-Play too join our wonderful Guild. I created a poll too see if people wanted this too happen or not, and I hope that one of the Guild Leaders will see this post and approve.

Thanks for reading, :D

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I haven't voted yet but before we get to far with this, I can tell you that TT require many people, often times with dozens of people on each wurm. While I would be all for trying TT, unless you can get a good several dozen people to join, I can tell you it won't be a good experience. One of the main TT guilds just recently managed to kill a single wurm with just 14 people which is a new low.

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My personal ten cents on this matter  :)


Triple Trouble event needs a lot of coordination among the guild members and a lot of toons on each wurm. Like Tyler said, we need at least a dozen on each wurm, and judging by our numbers of regular members appearing in the game world, we're able to fill up at least one or two wurm sections. Large coordination and communication, as well as timing would be preferable, since it's a time based event. We do have the experience on coordinated time-based events from our guild missions, though. Just not to get our hopes spiking high, we're not TT ready just yet.


But we can try. Although losing would suck bad, even worse than Tequila Sunrise.


PS: didn't stop me from casting my vote lol

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