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Games Beaten By the AJSA 2015 (SEP-DEC)

143 posts in this topic

When I complete a game, I usually post what I finished and what I thought of it on this list on the site VideoGameGeek, sometimes with links to some screenshots I took of the game. I thought I'd make a similar thread here to see what games the rest of the AJSA has been completing and what we thought of them. You can post a few words about what you thought of the game you finished, a longer review, a video review, screenshots, etc. Feel free to discuss the games we've beaten or to talk about what people thought of them.


I'll keep track of how many games we each have finished to see who has been playing the most and what our combined total is.


Total Games Completed: 225


Games Completed By Member


Kaz32: 86

Legolas_Katarn: 76

Alexander452: 21

Grimno: 10

Scohui: 10

Mr_E_Meatshield: 6

Madfinnishgamer38: 4

ArisingFlame: 3

Glaice: 2

wrangmanan: 2

MadDemon64: 2

Beastmaster A.C.: 1

Laserrifle125: 1

Jinzuro: 1

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To start out with, these are the games I've finished so far this month. If I have a twitter link that's going to be a screenshot and something I said about the game.


Completed: Shadowrun Hong Kong
Platform: PC

Improves on the gameplay of Returns and Dragonfall Directors Cut, better cyberware, you can give companions items (even over their locked ones). Great writing and characters, especially Gaichuu, Racter, and Ambrose. You can start combat but only if enemies are nearby and are known to be hostile, seems to be kind of buggy and not that useful but it's better than nothing. More spell options but magic still isn't too interesting, decking is also improved but still not enjoyable or a good representation of the matrix.

Doesn't give necessary info on purchases or skills. For example you might be able to choose between one of two abilities for your companions but one of them doesn't tell you the AP cost of the ability. You might want to buy a new drone but it won't tell you what skills the drone has forcing you to buy each of the four one at a time, go into a mission, and then get into a fight to see. You might want to buy a new spell, drone, weapon, etc for a companion but some of those have skill requirements and you can only check your companions skills when going into or during a mission. You also can't change your companion's items until you load into a mission, even though the selection screen before a mission shows you everyone's inventory you can not make changes until the level loads and it brings up the inventory screen again.

There are a lot of bugs in the game, many have been fixed but I'm still running into some (one being that a conversation option doesn't work, a character wants me to give something to a character that is no longer in the game, and mission breaking once it was reloaded). Some of the bugs I had that should be fixed now include characters unlocking a new item but the devs forgot to put it in the game, upgrading a characters ability and then that ability disappears, conversation options not working.

It's a well written game with great characters and a great setting made by people who don't seem to understand how to make a well functioning game and who obviously had no QA team, so it's kind of like playing 5th edition Shadowrun.

I still really enjoyed the game because most of it is just reading, but the combat is still poor and so easy that it's basically just a waste of time. Instead of waiting for the 1st or 2nd patch I probably should have waited for the 4th or 5th.




Game: Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds
Platform: PC

Fun chibi style beat em up. Light, medium, and strong attacks as well as a lot of special moves, cancels, and dodges that work similar to a fighting game with a burst meter. Allows you to switch between two different lanes, like Guardian Heroes/Panzer Bandit. Four characters with unique moves, four more unlockable after finishing the eight stages. Getting all of your abilities requires multiple playthroughs per character.



Game: Mark of the Ninja
Platform: PC

One of my favorite games. An excellent 2D stealth game with a lot of different abilities and great level design that supports different playstyles, controls well, and has a good ending. Voice actors do a good job and they recorded a lot of different lines for the enemies you face so you don't just hear the same things said over and over. After finishing the game a more challenging new game plus mode is made available that allows you to keep your unlocked gear.

I had played this before on the 360 but I hadn't played it with the DLC which added some interesting developer commentary on audio, level, and story design as well as an extra stage, a new uniform that gives you a different playstyle, and a new distraction and attack item to use.



Game: Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Platform: PC

Fun game with a lot of ways to work together with your team, if you can find a good one. Good variety of weapons and four different classes with different specialties and with different armor, speed, and weaknesses. I usually prefer to use a spear. Heavily armored knights with large shields can easily defend areas if supported by the polearm using class and some bow or crossbow users behind them for added support. Not a fan of the objective games as they seem to easy for the attacker but I like the two team gametype where everyone has one life. I really need a mouse with more buttons so I can bind the dodge and alternate attack buttons to something.



Game: Phantasy Star 2
Platform: Genesis (played on 360 compilation)

Good story for the time, early JRPG to have a main party member die. Characters to all have some personality when joining you but they don't talk after joining until they get a line at the end of the game. Characters each have unique skills. Some are better at fighting certain enemies, some use unique weapons, one of them can steal items from shops. Good music and artwork. Battles do automatic attacks speeding them up and allows you to set abilities. Dungeons are no longer first person but large and annoyingly designed, some of them requiring you to fall down holes to advance or to find items and others requiring you to take teleporters in the correct order. Teleporters and main character's ability to take you to towns can speed up travel. Encounter rate is lower than many old RPGs. The game requires a lot of grinding. No descriptions/stats on items/abilities when they are learned, selected in battle, or bought in a store.

The pattern for most of the story was pretty much fight through an area and then terrible things would happen requiring you to fight through the next area which would lead to something worse happening.



Completed: Always Sometimes Monsters
Platform: PC
Time Spent: Around 9 hours

Interesting character and lover selection, that allows for gay relationships. You play as one of the supporting characters and offer a drink to the character that you want to play as, then you play as the selected character when you find the person you want to be in a relationship with. Gives you a lot of different choices, and does a good job keeping a lot of them in a moral grey area.

Terrible choice menu that appears quickly while dialogue is still on the screen, likely you will accidentally choose things. Annoying mini games. Ridiculous coincidences and absurd situations. Characters wax philosophic to people they just met. Has to show that everyone is "sometimes" a monster by giving people random racist or offensive lines, could have been a good character trait if it wasn't constant for every character, this also makes people already portrayed as terrible people more comically evil. Characters show up and interact with you and many leave without any real point or resolution. You are supposed to be writing a journal entry at the end of each day, at one point when someone finds and reads it they question you about your choices, some even if you did not write in the journal on those days. In the last town you can make about $2,000 a day by boxing which makes things really strange when you have $15,000 and your character is still saying he doesn't have any money and is amazed by a $10,000 first draft book deal. I also got punched out at a wedding, no, I just KOed four other boxers IN A ROW as part of the story, you don't get to take me out in one punch. I thought it was just one of the times a character was being an ass just because they all have to have an obvious negative quality when he complains about strippers and their life choices then immediately goes on to say that we shouldn't judge the meth dealer because we don't know what lead him to that life but later I stole about $150 from a stripper and that wasn't something that was brought up as bad things I've done, so now I'm wondering if the devs have some problem with strippers.

I'd recommend it to people who want to play something different but I think it's too tedious for me to do that.


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According to my Backloggery, I have beaten 21 games this year. A few of them are Doom wads instead of actual games, though, but I can't be arsed to look through the entries to see how many of them actually are Doom wads.

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Lol phantasy star 2 "dungeons are long" indeed.

Thats part of the appeal go me. Clearing a dungeon rewuires heavy prelaration, consumeables, etc. Fi ishing it gives a good feeling of accomplishment.

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I finished more games


Game: Ultimate General: Gettysburg
Platform: PC

Excellent strategy game. A lot different than playing something like the Total War series where units are often killed to the last man and morale is only a problem when almost everyone is already dead. Morale is a huge factor in this game, many units start with lower morale even when a general is nearby and losing even a seemingly small amount of men might cause them to fall back, units losing about 60% of their men will usually flee the battlefield. This makes doing things like charging very difficult as getting hit by enemy guns or artillery while charging causes a higher number of casualties and can very easy cause your men to fall back. Units getting hit from the flanks or back will take additional damage and artillery is given three different types of ammunition with the most deadly having a short range and a longer reload time, making charges even more dangerous. You will want to find high ground or places that give your men good cover and will often want units to stay out fights in case they are needed to relieve someone else, to create another firing line, or to watch a side of the battle where enemy reinforcements might come from.

The game follows history closely with the units and locations both sides get as well as the things that happen during the battle. After parts of the battle the game allows you to choose different strategies before the next part of the battle begins leading you to fight in different areas with different formations. There are nine different settings you can put the AI on to change how they play, along with a random and AI boost option, a much better thing to have than difficulty options. Great main menu theme.

Line of sight is difficult to judge. Sometimes you can shoot through other units, sometimes you can't.



Completed: MANOS The Hands of Fate Director's Cut
Platform: PC
Time Spent: 30 Minutes

A sidescroller done in the style of a NES game that features homages to bad movies (mostly Manos) and video games. The game itself is ok, but is both short and easy. It controls well enough and, while there are a few moments that can lead to cheap deaths, there are multiple checkpoints in levels and a lot of one ups that can be collected again after death. An item on every level that increases your life makes dying to anything other than bosses or falling unlikely.



Game: The Marvellous Miss Take
Platform: PC

A top down, non violent, stealth game featuring 25 levels and three different characters to play as. Each character has a different objective when going into one of the 25 levels. One steals paintings, another character steals a different kind of painting and has an item to distract guards but is unable to run, the final character pickpockets keys to open and steal from safes. While the level is the same using different characters might cause changes with the security. Certain characters have their own bonus goals such as stealing additional artwork, not being caught, or finishing the level under a certain time. You can lure guards by making noise, attracting them to the location of the sound, or you can use items found on each level to do things like create distractions or to teleport. Cover can be used to hide from or to avoid guards, but certain enemies, like dogs, can find you by scent if you get to close to them. A good game I would recommend trying but too simple for me mechanically, though it does start to get challenging.

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I'll jump on this!


Game: Quake

Platform: PC

Time Spent: ~8 Hours


An oldie but a goodie. FPS in which.... things happen? This was back when story was fuck all in games but it is still fun as hell. The game is divided into 4 "Episodes" which you can play in any order. When you beat an episode, you get a "rune" which, when you collect all 4, yo face off the final boss. Good old run and gun gameplay which some great "OH SHIT" moments.



Game: Until Dawn

Platform: PS4

Time Spent: 6 hours


Fuck this game.

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Hero Siege (PC):


well "Story Wise" i beat it but i still keep going with higher difficulty (better loot, more challenge) and with other classes.

Old School, 16bit, Rouge like, ARPG game. SP is fun, MP is even more fun. Great game to waste some time.


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Okay, so I beat one...


Game: Alan Wake

Platform: PC

Play Time: 7.8 hours


A decent survival horror-ish game with a unique and gripping story, but held back by tedious combat.

Rating: 3/5 stars

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I finished Chaser

which is a FPS from 2003 

imagine a 80's sci-fi B-Movie with a hole bunch of clichés

It took me 15 hours to complete


The story is both hilarious and shit, it does not go anywhere. it builds up some interesting setpieces but never really goes anywhere with half of the things. 

The gameplay is decent, but it is hard as hell. If you experience to just blast through it, you're gonna have a bad time. quicksaving is a good thing in this game.

The voice acting is more hilarious than terrible. 

one of the biggest problems the game has is the size of the levels, they are too huge and you will get no indication where to go or what you're supposed to do. Plus some of the areas that requires you to proceed is hidden too good sometimes that you can run around for a good while. 

The AI is sometimes capeable of defending themselves and attacking you, yet other times they are completely braindead and just stops up and does not react if you shoot them. 

for 4,99 euro, It's allright. 

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Completed: Paper Sorcerer
Platform: PC

Nice simple art style. 13 different creatures you can summon for your party of four. You can switch characters inside of a dungeon and the ones not in the active party still gain experience, you can have up to six different summoned creatures to use. Defeated characters still gain XP which is nice. Loading a game closes any of the opened doors or secrets in the level which can be a little annoying if you go back to a save after a few days but each level of the dungeon is small and there are no random battles so it isn't much of a problem. Loot is random, you can find useless weak equipment or extremely overpowered equipment for an area, or things for characters you don't have. I went through 90% off the game only finding one weak shield when I had two characters that used them. You can buy stuff from a shop but they only sold other cheap shields. Some bugs when it comes to interacting with objects or secret areas.


Completed: Sky Mercenaries
Platform: PC


Shoot em up with three different pilots and ships. Upgrades can be unlocked for your ship, drones, and pilots when they gain a level by playing through stages. You can change from red to blue to absorb shots of the same color, red gives you more firepower in front while blue covers a wider area. Different parts of your ship or drone can take damage which can lead to your drones or you being destroyed. Graphics, stage and ship design, and music aren't good compared to what else is out there.

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Completed: Lucius
Platform: PC

Somewhat amusing scenes, the grandfather needed to be in the game more. The game is somewhat buggy and annoying to control. The game is completely linear so no interesting ways of killing characters off or in different order. The game being so linear means no interesting ways to experiment with your abilities. Takes place over a year and the house stays the same even with people killed. A bottle of alcohol on the floor one of the people killed was drinking in the bathroom will be there months later. Nothing interesting about the house or characters to discover, most barely seem to care about being in a place where everyone is dying.


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Completed in September:

1) MGSV Phantom Pain

Platform: PC


Best game out of all the metal gear games. Despite the small nitpicky flaws, like missions after 31 are just padding, there's no resolution with one of the character of the game and that it has a useless microtransaction, I cannot deny that this game is amazing. 108 HOURS spent on completing missions after missions after missions, repeating main missions so I can get S rank on every single one of them, building my Mother Base until it's full capacity, researching, customizing and using dozens of items and weapons that gives me a LOT of variety in completing missions, and an FOB multiplayer that's actually not broken like many have said, but instead well balanced according to your own skill in managing your defences, HOLY HELL THERE'S SO MANY THINGS TO DO!! AND I'M ONLY AT 70% COMPLETION!


Oh yeah, and even though I can totally see the true ending twist at the end, I still like it. Pretty well done twist, pretty divisive amongst people.


2) Until Dawn

Platform: PS4.



Kind of like Heavy Rain, but with horror slasher movie settings and cliches, and this game is SOOOO self aware of itself. I hate the bad acting and attitude for a couple of people in the game, like that cunt Emily. URGH, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH!!! If I see a real life person like that, I will SLAP HER IN THE FACE!


Ahem. It's a fun game where every small choices you made can change the fates of the 8 characters in the game. Beating the game with all of them surviving is where the game's fun lies. Plus it combines horror elements from teenage horror movies and it makes you finally do what those dumbasses in those movies can't do: USE COMMON SENSE!


3) Pixel Puzzles 2: Birds.

Platform: PC.



I got this game after buying Phantom Pain as an extra bonus. It's just a jigsaw making game, with the extra gameplay of catching crabs that's disturbing your concentration! BORING AS FUCK!! WORST. BONUS. EVER!!!!!! 


4) Kung Fu Strike: Warrior's Rise

Platform: PC


It's a pretty cool kung fu game where you are a general for a chinese army, fighting against other kung fu masters. Cool.... at first. Then the game's mechanic rears it's ugly head.


This game's mechanic is fucking broken. Enemies are fast as lightning in their attacks, they block most of your attacks, and you only get 2 seconds of time to attack them back. I STILL can't figure out how to get an S rank in this game. I had to repeat the final boss in this game 50 times because the BOSS IS FUCKING CHEATING ALL THE DAMN TIME!! JUST LOOK AT THIS MADNESS!!!


On the bright side, the ending music is pretty sweet:


5) Beat da Beat.

Platform: iPhone.


It's a bullet hell + rhythm game mix. The bullets all show up depending on the beat of the music. Most of the songs are dubsteps, and are pretty cool. Here's one of them:



Imagine bullets coming out every single beat to this song. Yeah, fucking chaos all over the place.


6 & 7) An Assassin in Orlandes + Curse of the Assassin

Platform: PC


A choose your own adventure game, Curse takes place right after Assassin. The game plays like a classic choose your own adventure game complete with dices, rolling of the dice at the beginning of the game to determinte your stats, and a LOT of dead ends. Good thing you're given bookmarks to track your progress. There's only 2 endings for each, both good and bad depending on if you bring plot specific items with you or not. Great game book.


8) Zombi

Platform: PC.


It's a port of the Wii U game Zombi U, a zombie survival horror game where if your character dies, he/she is replaced by an entirely different character. You go from point A to B while you scavenge ammo, get more powerful weapons, and whack zombies with a cricket bat. Rinse and repeat. It gets tiring after 5 hours.


And after 20 hours of playing this game, I seriously got a headache and motion sickness since I have to check everywhere for hidden collectibles and security camera feeds to unlock the map. I immediately delete the game after beating it and getting the good ending, surprisingly, by beating the hard as fuck last mission in 1 life. The game has the balls to have 2 more achievement out of 20 I can get by playing the entire game on the HARDEST difficulty which means 1 death = game over. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!



and finally


9) The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

Platform: PC


Don't let the title fool you. After you beat the game and get the first ending, you will see this game in a different light. It's a visual novel horror game, which I will not spoil at all. Play it right here, and sleep tight. Huahahahaha!



Out of all these games, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9 are the games that I recommend, although for Until Dawn, I suggest just seeing people's playthrough on youtube since it's basically like Heavy Rain. Like a movie with QTEs all over the place. Once you have beaten the game with everyone surviving, you will most likely never touch the game again, so might as well just watch someone do really well at the game.

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God damn Katarn, how are you completing games so quickly. 

I've recently completed 2 games


The music machine


Which basically is Dear esther with horror elements.

i completed it in 1.5 hour

Grapichs wise it looks really good, it has it's own "artstyle" that is for some reason quite calming, despite the horror elements. it's simplistic and does not feature alot, yet it's still good enough.

The story is good yet is just thrown at the player when he proceeds onwards in the game and when he interacts with things in the game. 

Music wise it's also quite good and fits the atmosphere quite well.

however, there isn't really that much gameplay, it's mostly just holding down "W" and reading the text that appears. 

The horror isn't really there, only in the last level of the game and that is really short.

In fact this game is really short.

It only took me 1 hour and 24 minutes to complete. So there is not alot in the game.

despite the positive things, the game is really not worth 5,99 euro's, maybe on a sale. 


And the other game i completed was Heavy Fire: Afghanistan 


Which is a cheesy on-rails shooter from the same guys that brought us "Rambo: The video game"

So we know we are in for a treat.

I completed that in 2 hours


graphic wise it looks allright i guess, could have been worse and could have been better. 

The voice acting is terrible and cheesy with lines that's filled with clichés especially the main character. 

The story is nonexistent and is just a bunch of missions with alot of tactical lines put in that really does not make alot of sense. 

The music is forgetable and loops too much.

The sounds are fucking terrible and this game has some of the worst gun sounds. (i could make better gun sounds with my mouth)

There is no AI in the game as the enemies just stands there and shoots at you blindly, which is why they can't hit for shit. 

The animations are both hilarious and terrible. 

as 1 guy on steam wrote 


"The best Terrorist Killing Simulator on Market!

Listen ''America f*ck yeah'' song while playing this game


Really not worth 2,99 euro's unless for the achievements or a laugh. 

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God damn Katarn, how are you completing games so quickly.

If I started this in January I'd be around 130 completed. Without counting the twine games I've finished like The Writer Will Fix This or The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.

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I've finished 2 or 3 games lately. depending how you look at it 


The first is Betrayer.

Which is an odd game. it is very mysterious and is actually really good. 

The story is a bit confusing at start, but you will discover more and more about the events happend in the game.

The grapichs are quite good, it does have an interesting take on the contrast. Everything but red is black and white. 

you are able to change the contrast if you don't like the game to be all black and white. It is more to be symbolic i think. 

the gameplay is sort of a FPS with primitive weapons, such as bows, crossbows, muskets, and flintlock pistols. 

There is stealth in the game, but it's not the best


It took me 8 hours to complete

It's worth the 9,99 euro's, plus for the next 26 hours it's avaible for only 2,99 euro's (by the time i've posted this)

I would recommend getting it if you like something mysterious and somewhat different.  


I've was very pleasant suprised by the "Choose your own adventure games" or as people like to call them "Everything is your fault, they trusted you and you failed them". I discovered them when i was listening to the Co-optional podcast where they talked about the games from the developers "choice of games". 

The first i've completed was Mecha Ace

Which is basically Mecha combat in text form

It might be a bit short, and the story might be somewhat predictable. 

but for 3,99 i would recommend it, there is a Demo if you're unsure. 


The next im unsure wheter or not you can classify it as completed

I've completed the 1st book, and im waiting for the next book to be released. (an update for the game, not it's own game)

It's called VERSUS:The lost ones.

which is basically a more friendly version of "Predators" without the actual predators but with alot of different alien races and an Arena instead of just outright killing (it is a bit confusing)

The only downside is that it is not completly finised, as im still waiting for the next part. 

As with Mecha Ace it's 3,99 and also has a demo.

It's pretty neat.



*Edit, Katarn, you must either be really commited or rushing through the games XD.

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Completed: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2
Platform: PC

Entertaining cutscenes and in game transmissions. Varied units on both sides that all have a use. Short but varied campaigns. I've never been a fan of base building or gathering resources, but mining trucks do have better defenses against early game units than in most RTS games and the game is fast paced enough where I don't start getting bored while building up forces like I usually would have.

The build screen is always active which blocks much of your view, it would have been nice to have a button to toggle it. Double clicking doesn't select all units of one type which can make be annoying in certain situations. Par time makes no sense, often being two to four times longer than the mission should take you (even on your first time beating it).


Completed: Dead Island Riptide
Platform: PC
Time Spent: 11 Hours

Played through the game while it was free to play on Steam, I didn't do a lot of the side quests.

Adds a fifth character, who I played as, with some fun hand to hand moves. Allows you to build up proficiency in weapon types to unlock bonuses when using those weapons. Adds an aerial attack (that stairs make easily exploitable). Adds throwing weapons, new weapon mods, and new enemy types. Characters talk a lot more than in the first game, speaking when taking quests, during story quests, and characters that aren't being controlled by a player appear in game at your current home base. Improves inventory system by not counting medkits, thrown weapons, and alcohol towards capacity.

No real combat improvements, is still kind of buggy, and the opening new location, and location where most of the side quests are, is boring and requires constant backtracking. You might get a main quest that causes you to travel back to an area you were just at during the last quest but now you are able to open a door in the area to complete the new quest. The level cap was upped to 70, the first games was at 50. You can either import a character from the first game or start a new character at level 15. This means you will probably take all the skills that get you new combat abilities at the very start of the game, meaning you are never really doing anything at the end of the game that you couldn't do at the beginning.

Fun to play with friends but gets boring when you are alone.

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Completed: Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
Platform: PC

Seven new levels for the allied and soviet side and new units and buildings for both. New Yuri faction but his faction lacks a single player campaign. New voices for units. You can go back in time as the Soviets and fight dinosaurs. Par times make more sense. A good expansion.


Completed: One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift
Platform: PC

Combination of a shooter and pong. Shoot powerups that match your color to get a shield or to spawn missiles to attack and slow your opponent. When the ball hits the top of the screen it changes color, when it is your color your ship changes to a paddle and is unable to shoot until you hit the ball back. Strategy in hitting the ball back at the right time to prevent opponent from shooting powerups or from shooting down enemies. Very fun game if you have someone to play with, and fun for a little while against the AI. No online support but at least it is only two players and doesn't expect you to get three other people and to plug four controllers into your PC/Laptop like the last good local multiplayer game I played did.



Completed: Blue Rose
Platform: PC
Completion: Finished all the endings and unlocked all achievements

Visual novel about a knight who is attacked, along with the rest of her group, by a dragon, and wakes up near a hidden town full of people trying to escape the war between neighboring nations or their past lives. Writing is decent, nothing terrible or offensively stupid like in a lot of VNs but nothing too unique or interesting. Nice music. Five characters to have an ending with, each with a good and bad ending. Mediocre art. Few choices. Very short so not much time is spent on the world/people. Without the writing having anything particularly good about it and without the hilariously stupid moment present in a lot of VN it doesn't leave much of an impression as being either good or bad in an entertaining or memorable way. I got it in a bundle I definitely would not suggest paying the $20 price for it.



Completed: 140
Platform: PC
Time: 35 Minutes

Good, short, platformer. Avoid obstacles by paying attention to the rhythm of the stages. Three stages you unlock three mirror versions of the stages after finishing them but if you die once you get taken out of the level. Playing the second and third stage again with one life sounded really annoying, so I didn't do that.


Completed: Dungeon Hearts
Platform: PC

A match three game where you try to get each hero's gems to activate together for more damage. Difficulty seems to be either very easy to the point where losing should be impossible to extremely hard, it's not even a gradual build up you might have 10 easy encounters, two hard ones, and then go back to it being easy. Would likely play better if done with a touch screen, archer abilities don't seem to work properly. Something like Puzzle Quest is a much better designed game with more to offer.

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I have finally completed Shadow Ops: Red Mercury 



which is a FPS from 2004 by zombie studios, the guys that have made Blacklight Retribution


This game is fucking hard, like sadist levels of hard. 

if you die anywhere in a level you have play from the start of the level, and there are 25 levels in total.


The story is set up as an action movie, with alot of action (it's bloody 25 levels)

The grapichs are okay for a game from 2004, yet it has an odd issue with either brightness or the contrast. 


They say that the gameplay is more "realistic", but i would say more "tactically". 

You need to take cover, shot for enemy weakspots(Headshots for the most part), reload when you only need to and take bloody cover.

You're as vulnerable or even more than the enemies are, and you can be taken down in a matter of seconds.

so in a way the game contains alot of trial and error. 

11 long hard hours of trial and error is over 


6,99 might be a bit much for some people, but i think the game was decent enough for that price. 

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Completed: Goodbye Deponia
Platform: PC

Some very funny moments, good acting, and nice art style for the characters, for the world, and for the backgrounds.

The focus on Rufus' character reduces the involvement of the main cast, even Goal is quickly removed for most of the story, likable characters from past games might be barely seen at all or given only a small number of lines. You learn something about Rufus' past, as well as the past of the games main antagonists, that I thought would end up having a greater payoff. For a short time it looked like it was going to cause Rufus to work more towards redeeming himself, then he ended up being more awful than usual, only to do something at the end that now seemed out of character for him.

There are some annoying puzzles where you have to make strange item combinations or where you need to perform certain actions before something will work correctly, this mostly applies to the longest chapter where you are controlling three different versions of Rufus. The game still has no hint system but the areas in each chapter aren't that large so you don't have too big of an area to comb over. There are a few mini-games that, for the most part, are pretty easy and what plays out on the screen can be entertaining but none of them are fun to complete. The mini-games do allow you to skip them if you can't figure them out or if you just want to move on.

The game has some terrible achievements that make you repeat the same actions 5-8 times to unlock them.

Some really good moments moments but a combination of some annoying puzzles, boring mini-games, disappointment with some of the story and character decisions, and some spots that were just kind of offensive without having any humor or character development to them all lowered my enjoyment of the game.

At one point you get a black woman to dance as an organ grinder's monkey. I looked up what has been mentioned of that online and the game's writer seems to have responded to RPS's review where he says that he was trying to show how ignorant Rufus is about the world and racial issues, which wouldn't actually apply since there is no mention of racism/slavery being a thing in the game's world. He also says that the organ grinder is made to look like an actual monkey for commentary, so I suppose he meant it as some kind of pedestrian, "Who is the real beast?" The reviewer says you sold her into slavery to the organ grinder, that's really not true, which is something that the writer also says, that not being true kind of ruins whatever analogy the writer believes that he was making. I believe that the writer should spend less time making himself look like an ass and more time writing speeches about asses.



Completed: Bionic Heart
Platform: PC
Completion: Unlocked all endings and all achievements
Time Spent: 1.5 hours

A very short visual novel with an uninteresting story, poor visuals, and boring characters. The game is fully voiced but the voice acting is so poor you will probably wish it wasn't. 24 different endings, certain ones reveal more of the plot and other ones change things about characters so they couldn't have the same continuity. The main character doesn't even seem to like his best friend and girlfriend very much so at least I wasn't alone in not liking them.


Completed: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield
Platform: PC

Great tactical shooter. Equip eight Rainbow operatives in each mission and place them onto two or three different teams. Create plans for them to follow before the mission starts. It can be fun just to watch your plan play out in the observer mode instead of actually taking part in the missions. Members can improve skills or die/be incapacitated getting you a much weaker replacement, making you want to retry missions until you get through without any losses.

You can't order your men to use a breaching charges or to wait for another squad to enter a room outside of the planning phase. AI is too stupid to throw grenades into rooms, they just open the door with the grenade out, usually getting shot before throwing. It would have been nice if they could have made use of the ability you have to crack open doors, or if they could have just had another squad member open the door as they were throwing it, or they could stand off to the side.

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10) 80 days.

Platform: iPhone, PC version has been released recently.

Around the world in 80 days. This is from the same creator as the iPhone game Sorcery series, my favorite game of 2014. Fucktons of countries to visit, and your goal is to go around the world in 80 days, just like the movie. How you do that is entirely up to you. Do you travel through India and Japan, or do you go to the complete opposite direction and go to Russia or Italy? Anything goes. And the journey is filled with multiple characters to interact with, multiple interesting scenarios involving which method of transportation you pick, oh my lord this game is awesome!

Get the PC version on Steam now. If this is available, then Sorcery will most likely be too in the future!


11) Ryse Son of Rome

Platform: PC

Got this game from the Steam discount for $10. Heard many bad things in the past about how this game is bland and he only good thing is the graphics.

Surprisingly, I thought this game is AWESOME!! The combat is actually pretty simple, but I mix it up constantly with different moves to make it not boring. And there's a lot of brutal and badass finishing moves you can inflict on injured enemies, my favorite being the one where you stab someone in their balls and then lift them up in the air. That has GOT to hurt. And I like the story settings and characters. The main guy is this incredibly badass Rome soldier that is equal or even better than Leonidas from 300. The stages in this game are fucking awesome, most of them about you going to assault a fort with all of your roman soldiers helping you, and bodies flying everywhere. The only thing I don't like is the 5 hours length and the fact that the emperor of Rome is, as usual, a pathetic fat cunt that only cares about himself. Good thing that in the end you get to completely destroy that fuck in a GREAT final battle sequence.

Love this game, and it's perfect that I bought it for $10. I even beat the game again on the highest difficulty setting and collected every single collectibles, which actually unlocks interesting comic book backstories for each characters in the game to see what they are in the past.

12) SOMA

Platform: PC.

Despite the trailers suggesting that this is a horror game, it's really not. It's a game about the philosophical meaning of life and death, and it makes you think about life. It has horror elements and puzzles to solve like Amnesia, but those are just secondary to the true meaning of this game. Good characters too, very relateable and their reaction to the whole world around them is like a movie buff's reaction.

13) Stairs

Platform: PC

This game fucks with you. It's like if Stanley Parable is a horror game, and it's genuinely frightening to the point where I just want to finish this game and not want to see any of the monsters here ever again. Great horror game, but what the hell happened in the ending??? Nothing is resolved!

I recommend 80 Days and Stairs for their gameplay, and SOMA if you want a game that makes you think about the meaning of life.

And now, for the michelaneous ones

14) Dark Escape 4D

Platform: Arcade.

I think this is the first arcade horror game that Namco has made, and it's pretty damn good. Great graphics, great sound design, and interesting game mechanics. There's jump scares in this game. All. The. Time. Everytime you killed enemies in an area, the next one will always come up through jump scares. And in the end of each levels, you'll be graded on how much of a pussy you are depending on if you react to the jump scares!

Unfortunately, this game chews your coins, or money, like crazy. You will encounter enemies that come out of nowhere, have a ton of health, and get overcrowded fast. Do not play this game with a second player because that makes the game a hell of a lot fucking harder.

15) Panic Museum.

Platform: Arcade

I'll just let the game speak for itself.

Basically it's Night at the Museum, only instead of friendly historical figures, it's all monsters trying to kill you. And aliens are here too apparently. It's insane. And fun!

16) Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5

Platform: fuck this piece of shit.

This game is fucking BROKEN! I already mentioned this in another thread. Do not buy this piece of shit!

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I finished SOMA in the past 15 minutes of this post, it's very well worth spending $30 on if you enjoyed Frictional's previous games (Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra series) if you like a GOOD horror title to enjoy.


Other games included from the past: Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Aliens vs Predator 2, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Deus Ex, F.E.A.R, Far Cry, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Grandia 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Red Alert 2, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 4, RAGE and Torchlight

That's 24 total so far.

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Other games included from the past: Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, Aliens vs Predator 2, Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, Deus Ex, F.E.A.R, Far Cry, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Grandia 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Red Alert 2, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 4, RAGE and Torchlight

For the year or since September?

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SOMA was just since September. I believe I beat Infinite earlier in the year. The vast majority were over the past 5 years or longer.

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SOMA was just since September. I believe I beat Infinite earlier in the year. The vast majority were over the past 5 years or longer.


So you only beat 1 game since September 2015.

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SOMA was just since September. I believe I beat Infinite earlier in the year. The vast majority were over the past 5 years or longer.

I'm just looking for games beaten in September-December to see how many we beat and for people to post about what they thought of the games to either create discussion or for people to maybe find a game that would interest them. In 2016 I'll do one for the whole year. If I did the last 5-6 years I'd have about 500 games beaten and I wouldn't want to post or talk about all of those, and we'd start taking up the whole list.

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