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Toxic, poison, kids. How to avoid raging in-game?

8 posts in this topic

I am so lost, i currently find myself at Bronze 1 after long time not playing, (s3)


Bronze is like this, your entire team does not even know how to play right, with the champions they pick. the other team has only champs who make you rage, you lose two barons, though you can steal dragon with your ultimate, your team gets fired up because you stole dragon from the enemy team, and go forward like rambo to there deaths, meanwhile you keep talking to them to go to Base to defend. and they just wander around lanes and jg. You loos a couple Team fights because your team doesn't know who to attack, the enemy team destroyed two towers and 2 inhibitors, then you hold the inhibitors, defend again, loose inhibitors, hold 2 nexus towers while enemy has baron, we manage to kill them, and so continues the vicious cycle, before someone decides stun ulting ( Amumu , the 8 year old swearing in the chat all the time) for you to give you to then combo as lux. and move forward. for you and your team go, and do the same thing the enemy team did with your team 10 minutes earlier. Trying to keep your team together and not surrendering, because i never surrender. All this costing me 51 minutes of my life, to get some points on the account. Meanwhile I could be meeting people around. Eat bread, and discover how to de-slatinate salt water in a cheap way. why do I still waste my time with this? .- . (Because it is fun when you get to play with nice people, herpderp, drama doesn't hurt anyone haha :P )


Its not that i do not enjoy the, game, because i do, but, these things really suck, back in the day things where a lot better in my opinion, how must i deal with these team mates i usually get SoloQ'd up with? And with "things", i mean team mates, the game itself is fine. I always try to be as sportive as i possibly can, but these players i am playing with the last month are so hard headed. You even get reported for trying to play and respond to players.


Now i bet we all know League of Legends is toxic, but there must be a way around this, yes? Basically i am asking for tips on how to keep your team in line and or act like a team captain when no one else does. How to make your team to listen to you. I think i got the part of not making them want to surrender. But working as a team is almost impossible. And i must confess i get a little angry when the team just plays as lone wolfs all the time, cursing you for dying while they just walked away, from a couple kills easily gotten, or abandoning team fight's in base because there health is at 65% and just letting u die right on the spot.


This screenshot over here is from my latest match that made me want to make this thread:12017521_949979131714266_131739568460380

Even though i managed to win the game, these players where so hard headed, i began to secretly rage here in the room, i was trying to try and make the em listen, as you probably noticed, the team went amiss since the picking stage, since the beginning people started claiming lanes, and they all apparently had fixed characters. We only managed to win because i was able to combo with amumu's Ultimate while the enemy team was all together , and push all the way up to there nexus. I got a one day cool-down because i was reported 4 times in this match. Apparently.


Any high ranking players got any tips for me, in this hell of an elo stage? You don't have to be high ranking to give tips! :P Any are welcome. i'd appreciate detailed replays! :)

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Toxic players are always around in any rank. You need to Bite the bullet if you are under diamond. Elo hell is a thing people think they can escape from just by leaving bronze but no. I have ran into games where I'm ahead but the mid and jungler are feeding and giving up 10 mins into the game and Im in S1 playing with Golds.


All you can do is mute and just farm and try to pull ahead but if you team keeps getting stomp nothing you can do. Bad games happen even if you try hella hard.

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I have no real right to say this because im in silver 3 atm and I climbed out from b5. Twice as a matter of fact now. And here's the thing about "elo hell" THERE IS

NO FUCKING THING.  You wont get better as a player if you think elo hell is a thing. I can sum it up as to why ELO hell doesn't exact like this. The reason why elo

hell doesn't exist is because ELO boosting exists. That proves there's no such thing. The only way that you can get out of bronze and this is true cuz all of my

mentors who are in following order 2 golds, 1 plat, and 2 diamonds all say the same thing. The only way to get out is to carry yourself. Focus only on you and what

you could've done cause in the end all your losses can be tailored to something you did wrong.  You can counter argue me by saying " I win lane and get fed every

game" But then once you win lane what did you do? Did you roam? Did you share your power? 

I know the way im saying this may sound mean and it might not even be your issue or something you do but this is how you get out of bronze. Carry yourself and your team.  

And if you think Bronze is bad? My friend you only just started up the path so I hope you brought a backpack because it's a hike that gets steeper and steeper. 

As for tips on dealing with ragers just watch some of gbay99's videos on youtube or Sky Williams video on DST or Dick Sucking theory. 

One thing that I do want to mention and this is something Seph told me when I was in uranium 5 and I find it true and im going to paraphrase but basicily it's  like this. Treat your matches like there 100games right? 40 of them your going to win, 40 of them your going to loose nothing you can do about it right? Those 20 last games are all in your hands if you win them then you deserve higher elo. If you loose them your right where you belong. 

also sorry for the weird wording it just came out like this after I tried to make it look better. 

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One solution would be to play with friends, obviously.

The other one would be to play League only if it is fun. I run this idea despite these kids, whether I lose or not I do not care. It really helps.


I was in Platinum III before I hit a crazy losestreak and I can tell ya, even Diamonds will be fucktards, but I do not know if this applies to the lower Diamonds only.

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yeah there is no escpaing it, as another player who dragged there arse outta bronze 5 (highest iv gotten atm is silver 3, then dropped to silver 5 where i am now xD), there is no escpaing ragers or flamers, there in all games and all elos, the best thing u can do is duo with someone and mute anyone who starts problems, and then pray u and ur duo are enough to counter the troll/flamer/rager.

Gl tho man

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If anything you just stop playing for couple hours. Playing solo can get to you and there are people that refuse to listen in every elo. People with thick skin are always going to adapt better to solo play if you think it's too much then take a break and move on. 

At this point over the years that league existed all that shit is a feature rather than something to avoid

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There is no logic in Bronze Hell.  No matter how positive, there is only Hell. 

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I found out how to get out of bronze izi peezy, Play as tanky champs, and make your you know how to play them. Support or top, or a nuker like annie. Its not really a strategy but, i found myself having more win % than usual with these types of champs. They have more value late game which allows you too carry hard. :ouijajoe:

What has helped you guys so far?

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