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Is Total war: warhammer gonna be broken at release ?

9 posts in this topic

So i watched a gameplay trailer for Total war: Warhammer and saw some really impressive things 

yet i was left wondering if this game will go down the same road as Rome 2 did. 

and the Total war games has been know to be terrible at launch due to bugs.



Since Rome 2 also had some pretty impressive gameplay trailers.



The gameplay in the trailers was nothing like the game that people recieved. Notice that both gameplay trailers are "Early Alpha", yet Rome 2 looked worse than the trailer at launch.

Broken promises and lies of a game that werent ready at launch  

So do you think it's gonna be a broken pile of bugs or decent enough at launch ?

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It's impossible to say really, but after the massive backlash of Rome 2 Creative Assembly haven't released a game in that state since so I'm willing to bet that they have learned their lesson.  If the game is problematic at launch I'm sure they would be more inclined to delay the release than risk that again.

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I sure as hell hope it won't. This is the first Total War game I've actually been looking into getting right away if the reviews are good. I liked Shogun 2 quite a bit, and my love for WH40K also transfers to Warhammer, so I'm staying hopeful.

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I think that they have put effort into this game, they have looked at what people though of rome 2 ect.. and have really stepped up their game. Unlike the others, warhammer has been in development for years now and should be great at release. Sure there will be bugs but they will be patched like every other game. :)

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Don't pre order it.


Don't buy it on release day.


Wait for feedback from users on how good/bad the game is and if it's very buggy or not, best way to prevent throwing money away.

Patience always pays off, don't get suckered in with bullshit pre order items neither.

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And if you against all logic preorder it, make sure to play less than two hours if it has issues so you can refund it. If on Steam.

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The game will be broken and will be fail. Period. After 1 year maybe it will be worth playing, when you can pay less.

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