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Avalanche Army

World of Tanks: MOST UNBALANCED GAME EVER!!!!!!!

6 posts in this topic

Ever since I started playing World of Tanks on PC it's been a pain to get to the tanks I want without having to buy gold or premium time (I have money for neither of them) and I want you, the community, to give me 10 reasons why I should continue to play World of Tanks and 10 reasons why I should uninstall it. Don't troll me, be respectful, and offer helpful facts please. That is my mission unto you because WoT is getting on my nerves

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That's honestly how most free to play games are. You have to grind like crazy to get the stuff you want unless you're willing to pay.

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All things considered, the game isn't that badly balanced. 


Even the grinding, at least up to tier 5 & some tier 6, aren't that bad.

It just sucks that sometimes you get stuck with crappy teammates and really unlucky shots.  

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The game rewards you for high alpha or high pen. So using heavily armored tanks is required if you're not way above average.

And the MM uses so weird battleweight system that allows maximum difference between teams to be +-25%.

But they added MM rules so you can only be at bottom tier 5 times in a row. Which was nice.


To be fair I stopped playing when WT:GF came out because I got sick of it.

And WT:GF has pretty much the same issues with the battleratings etc....


I personally think that the game is enjoyable only when you use the semi-OP stuff like the original 1S.

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The community is pure stupidity in a nutshell for world of tanks which is funny. I have rage quit the game so much it is funny but i somehow always go back to it

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Ten good things about World of Tanks.

1.       Its Free

2.       It’s one of the best vehicular combat games since Twisted Metal

3.       Multiple tech trees from multiple nations to pick from

4.       It offers the endless replay ability as you try to ace and collect every tank

5.       It is a skill based game

6.       If you have the time WoT holds numerous contest/competitions to earn free gold and premium time

7.       This is one of those games that hits that satisfaction part of your brain when you bounce those gold rounds and kill all those wallet warriors

8.       WoT is a very good game to play with friends as it rewards team play

9.       The game looks and plays good (and is getting better with every patch)

10.   During a good game as you are immersed in the combat you can find yourself jumping in fear as you are nearly hit by an arty only to laugh that a tank game scared you


Ten bad things about World of Tanks

1.       Its Free

2.       It can feel incredibly grind heavy at times

3.       The MM can be cruel and at times you may feel that the world is against you

4.       You will run into a lot of unskilled players that only fire gold rounds

5.       Some times that higher tier tank you just unlocked is worse stock that the tank you were just using

6.       There are a lot of cheaters and they will most likely be on the enemy team

7.       Tank customization is lacking

8.       There is a lot of RNG in WoT (I heard you wanted some D&D in you tanks)

9.       It takes a long time to get crew skills

10.   Your issue/complaint here

I am sure that I missed some things in both list. The more I think about it the more I feel that there are more pros than cons for this game. Now I hear the grind complaint but its a hard argument to make and I would prefer not to have it but I do understand where everyone is coming from. As far as this being the most unbalanced game ever well its just not every tank has its strengths and weakness you don't need to buy gold, premium, or prem tanks to win or unlock new tanks it doesn't hurt but its not needed. Please feel free to add to the list where ever you see fit and do try to keep it clean.

Because it fits in this discussion.

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