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Wildstar Guild Invites

5 posts in this topic

I currently have an addon setup to invite people automatically if you whisper me the keyword. I am going to attempt to have my character stay on all night and all day while I am at work by using a macro to keep him moving. Feel free to attempt to whisper my character if you need a guild invite. If my plan fails, most people will still be able to get you in the guild. Just look for people in the EF channels in teamspeak. I should be on tomorrow evening sometime around 6pm CDT.


Keyword = banana (please use only the word banana and nothing else for the addon to invite you automatically)

Character Name = Seph Stalker

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Cool ill look for ya, by thwe way ANYONE loking for whats the diff between Fee and Pay its this



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thx seph

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Your addon worked like a charm seph and thank god for them killing the region lock so i can play on the na servers now

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