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Space Engy's most recent updates

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so some interesting updates for those not actively following the game anymore.

"Red Alert, pirate ship inbound!" Space pirates have been added as an Npc faction in the game, Players will now randomly encounter bases and the pirate ship as they traverse their worlds, both the ship and the bases have "loot" in the form of a lot of components and other supplies if you can successfully take them on. The pirate ship tends to spawn if you hang out in a specific area for too long and it will send drones after you if you get too close.

Landing Gear woes: They actually fixed the landing gears......( you read that correctly), they fixed them! Landing gears no longer explode when you undock them, EctoSage or rather Video Sage (youtube name) explains how they did it in his update coverage video but basically rather than what they did before which I could explain with geeky dev talk but won't, they now have the landing gear make the ship you just docked a part of the grid it docked to (doesn't share things in control panel like connectors do), which avoids the collision issue that was causing the LG to explode after release. I do feel I have to point out this still hasn't quite resolved the ship twitching issue, ships still seem to spaz randomly but I think that's more a De - sink issue.


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There is now a count down timer on Keens website along with posts claiming Planets confirmed on the 12th, could we see ourselves making planet fall this thursday? Hype Train Confirmed!!!

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