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PlayStation 4 Division Information

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AJSA Chatrooms Information
PlayStation 4 AJSA Chatrooms are places where you can immediately communicate with other AJSA members. With the AJSA Chatrooms you can find people to play games and chat about the latest topics. The AJSA Chatrooms also allow sharing links, screenshots, and even PlayStations own emoji’s called Stickers. The AJSA Chatrooms can be easily located on the top XMB under “Messages” icon on the Home Screen. The AJSA PlayStation 4 Division has been and will be utilizing these AJSA Chatrooms, as it provides the tools necessary to keep our community healthy in communication. AJSA members who play all kinds of games are welcome to join the PlayStation 4 AJSA Chatrooms, regardless of your preferred genre. We are confident by joining these AJSA Chatrooms you’ll find people to interact with, play games and party up for those late night sessions. We’re sure that within these AJSA Chatrooms, you’ll go on to create many great moments and memories with one another.

How to join the PlayStation 4 AJSA Chatrooms

  • Submit your PSN ID over at PlayStation PSN ID list.
  • Include games that you’re playing currently.
  • Include games that you’re looking forward to playing.
  • Include the phrase ‘Never Surrender’ expressing your wish to join the AJSA Rooms.
  • Wait up to 48 hours for your invite to be sent or accepted.
  • (Optional) Download the Andriod/Appl PlayStation Message App for your smart devices.

Current Active PlayStation 4 AJSA Chatrooms

  • AJSA Kratos Chatroom
  • AJSA Drake Chatroom
  • AJSA Aloy Chatroom

AJSA Chatroom Rules

  1. All AJSA site rules from the Code of Conduct page apply to the Chatrooms.
  2. Be respectful to your fellow gamer. While everyone may not get along, that doesn’t mean you must make a scene. We award gamers who can keep their cool and respect one another even if they may not share similar views or like one another.
  3. Please do not promote unofficial business dealings, ways to illegally hack and glitch games, political issues or topics, religious issues or topics, etc. For the unofficial business dealings we do not want third party untrusted businesses to have any foot in our Community, as they can easily end with someone getting scammed which we don’t want to see that happen. For showcasing illegal hacks or glitches to a game we don’t promote abusing exploits to get an advantage over another player. We do not care if in your private time you do these things, however showcasing/promoting these exploits publicly in our Community will be struck down. For political/religious issues and/or topics, we’re a gaming Community and while major events may shape our world we use games to help escape that world. Bringing that world into our escape world only muddies the water even more. Events will be respectfully covered by our admins/moderators when they feel appropriately needed. Private conversations of these issues and topics are fine, we can’t stop you there.

*This thread is locked as it is meant more as a device to deliver information than rather for discussion. If you have any questions about the PlayStation 4 AJSA Community page feature that weren't already answered, please contact anyone of the fine PlayStation 4 Division Staff. We hope to see you and get to play some games with you.*

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Game Nights Presents Victory
Victory is an offshoot tournament event series for Game Nights. We wanted to introduce a tournament to Game Nights on a more regular basis, while having it’s own name to help differ when compared to other Game Nights. Now that Victory is apart of Game Nights this allows Victory to adopt unique qualities from Game Nights like having different games every time and being hosted on a Game Nights Saturday. While with this change to Victory makes it easier to implement into the PlayStation 4 Division’s event scheduling, it doesn’t mean Victory tournament events will happen all the time. Victory will be treated as a rare opportunity, meaning the most you’re likely to see a Victory is once every 3 months but that isn’t guaranteed. Victory’s shouldn’t be forced out, but rather naturally happen for both hosts and members of the PlayStation 4 Division. Below are the past Victory tournaments that the PlayStation 4 Division has hosted, along with general information about the event.


Mortal Kombat X Victory Tournament
In the Mortal Kombat X Victory Tournament there can only be one Victor. None but the Victor will be left standing in the end, and all others will lie dead at his feet.


Overwatch Victory Tournament
A special Game Nights Victory Overwatch event celebrating the game’s one year anniversary. Pitting teams of heroes against each other in a 3v3 Elimination tournament. All fighting for the title of Heroes of Victory and the grand prize split between 3 winners.


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