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PS4 Division Information

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PS4 Division General Summary

The PS4 Divisions serves as the branch for all members of the AJSA Community on the PlayStation 4. The Division if full of people from all walks of life with all kinds of games and gaming background. Think of it as a collection of the many years of gaming in one hub. From the veteran who first played on the Nintendo Entertainment System, to those whose first console was the PS3 or Xbox 360. While filled with fans of all kinds of games and genres giving a wide range for anyone to find someone else sharing an experience with them. This was a family built on the idea of finding someone to play or share experiences with, and we continue to champion that idea forward.

But a simple collection of gamers isn’t just what we’re all about no we provide the PS4 Division a multiple amount of communication, interaction, and gaming together. For communication we offer the PS4 Chatrooms utilizing the PS4 message systeming and app. Giving our members an always open and active place to chat with other members of the PS4 Division. For interaction we often open up Chat & Chill party chats. Giving old and new members a chance to come in to simply talk while playing games. For gaming together we have our PS4 Weekly Events; Game Nights and Community Nights.

This all started with a single idea of someone wanting to gather people up with a common enjoyment for gaming, and like mention before champion that idea. Because it is not the PS4 Commander who built this alone. No it was the many members over the years who continue to support such ideas. Without you guys none of this would be here, so thank you!

Below will be a table of contents that will take you to different sections that explain more in depth of the different parts of the PS4 Division.

Table of Contents
PS4 Chatrooms
PS4 Weekly Events
PS4 Division FAQ (Coming Soon)

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PS4 Chatrooms
The PlayStation 4 Chatrooms are places where you can immediately communicate with other AJSA members. With the Chatrooms you can find people to play games and chat about the latest topics. The AJSA Chatrooms also allow sharing links, screenshots, and even PlayStations own emojis called ‘Stickers’. The Chatrooms can be easily located on the top XMB under ‘Messages’ icon on the Home Screen. The PS4 Division has been and will be utilizing these Chatrooms as it provides the tools necessary to keep our community healthy in communication. AJSA members who play all kinds of games are welcome to join the PS4 Chatrooms, regardless of your preferred games or genres. We are confident by joining these Chatrooms you’ll find people to interact with, play games with, and party up with for those late night sessions. We’re that within these Chatrooms you’ll go on to create many great moments and memories with one another.

How to join the PS4 Chatrooms

  • Submit your PSN ID over at PlayStation PSN ID list.
  • Include games that you’re playing currently.
  • Include games that you’re looking forward to playing.
  • Include whether you wish to join the PS4 Chatrooms.
  • Wait up to 48 hours for you to be accepted.
  • (Optional) Download the Android/Apple PS Message App for your smart device.

Current Active PS4 Chatrooms (alphabetical order)

  • AJSA Aloy Chatroom
  • AJSA Drake Chatroom
  • AJSA Kratos Chatroom 

PS4 Chatroom Rules

  • All AJSA site rules from the Code of Conduct page apply to the Chatrooms.
  • To properly add someone into the Chatrooms message Commander WITHASTICK. This way we can keep track who is being added in, and prevent past mistakes repeating.
  • Please DO NOT change the Chatroom Title and/or Image. This creates spam for all the members and does affect everyone.
  • Members are allowed to post images and/or links of various things. We ask these images and/or links DO NOT feature inappropriate content. We also ask members to refer posting images and/or links that feature religious or political content. This is a gaming community first and when world changing events happen the PS4 Division Staff will handle delivering the message.
  • Members are allowed to promote their own YouTube and/or Twitch channels. We ask to limit this promotion to prevent spamming the Chatrooms and the other members in that Chatrooms.
  • We have scheduled PS4 Weekly Events; Community Nights and Game Nights. Which every Wednesday we announce the featured games for the events and open sign-ups to join these events.
  • Please make sure to change and keep your privacy settings for messages on ‘Anyone’. Without this you won’t see other PS4 Division member’s messages in the Chatrooms.
  • Be respectful to fellow members and have fun playing games!
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PS4 Weekly Events
PS4 Division features two events that are consistently held weekly every Friday and Saturday. These two events are Community Nights on Friday and Game Nights on Saturday, with both featuring different kinds of activities. However, both encourage members coming together and enjoying experiences gaming together. Below will be section detailing the purposes and kinds of activities you’ll find between Community Nights and Game Nights.

Game Nights - Are weekly PS4 Division events where members gather every Saturday to play featured games together while focusing certain activities. Featured games can span from; newly released Triple-A games, old popular games, indie games, free-to-play games, and even PS Plus monthly line-up games that support multiplayer features. Focused activities at Game Nights range from messing around in custom game modes, challenging the world, partying it up in a hub, or all of the above. No matter what game it is we’re sure you’ll find something to enjoy. So come join the mayhem that is Game Nights make new friends, laugh all night, destroy the world or destroy each other!

Community Nights - Are weekly PS4 Division events that put focus on community interested games. Games that show a natural gathering from the members are chosen to focus on with support. Each featured game that is chosen for Community Nights has a Goal and the journey to the goal is called a Campaign. The goals can range from; helping members get to end game content, honing their skill in competitive environments, or building their in-game clan hubs with fancy decorations. The campaign’s length is determined by the journey of the goal. Some campaigns can be few weeks because of simple goals, others can be couple months long because of more major goals. A goals accomplishment is featured at either a Game Nights or Special Operations. So whether you are new to a game or a veteran there is a place for you at Community Nights!

How to join Game Nights/Community Nights

  • Reply with the Abbreviation and include your PSN ID. You’ll find the Abbreviation located in the announcement in; The PS4 Weekly Events thread, PS4 Weekly Events articles every Wednesday, or PS4 Weekly Events chatroom messages from Wednesday-Saturday.
  • Look for and remember your PS4 Weekly Event start time for your regional/country that is included in the announcements.
  • Remember who the Host/Hosts are for the events included in the announcements.
  • On the day and start time of the PS4 Weekly Event keep an eye out for an invite from the Host/Hosts (either an in-game invite and/or party chat invite)

PS4 Weekly Events Line-up for February
DO NOT sign-up for any of these events ahead of the scheduled announcement. Due to the changing landscape plans can change affecting the current planned schedule of featured games. Wait until the proper PS4 Weekly Events announcement featuring the games you’re interested in.
See the PS4 Weekly Events announcement by Clicking Here.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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