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Big changes coming in the 10.0 series of updates. (stay tuned for updates)

19 posts in this topic

View Range Changes in Update 10.0


The next major update is coming soon, and you'll have plenty of exciting additions and changes to look forward to. Today, we would like to explain how the viewing system in World of Tanks will be changing with the coming update. 

The Current Viewing System

The viewing system in World of Tanks has two components: spotting range and vehicle draw distance.

Draw distance is the area within which you can see vehicles, including allies or spotted enemies. Previously, this area was represented by a 1,000-meter square. Maximum draw distance was 707m diagonally and 500m straight.

Spotting range is a circle inside which your vehicle can spot enemy vehicles. The spotting range depends on the characteristics of the vehicle, but it cannot exceed 445 m. Equipment, additional consumables, and Crew skills can improve the spotting range. However, in this case, additional meters increase the quality of viewing and facilitate the spotting of hidden enemy vehicles within the spotting range, but the spotting range still cannot exceed 445 meters.

Therefore, in Update 9.10, a circle with a 445-meter radius is inside the draw square:


*Green circle: spotting range 

*Red square: draw distance

As you can see from the image, the square is somewhat irregular because the diagonal draw distance exceeds the straight draw distance by 207 m. Usage of the draw square was stipulated by specific features of the game engine. 

Changes in Update 10.0

In Update 10.0, the draw square will be replaced by a circle with a 564-meter radius. This change will provide a draw distance proportionally distributed along the whole circle and eliminate the irregularity of the previous solution.

Compared to the draw square, the straight draw distance will increase by about 13% (64 m), and the general draw distance will remain almost the same.

Keep an eye out for more news on the changes coming in Update 10.0!


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Looks interesting, more realism is welcome I say.

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New tanks on the horizon.

Centurion Action X




Panzer 58




Chieftain MK. 6




VK 45.03




Turan III Prot.



Toldi III








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yep, there is a lot of excitement surrounding it, because its such a famous tank (and of course its so sexy). I'm also excited for Czech tanks and the Hungarians (Turan and Toldi)

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Tank customization is getting reworked for World of Tanks 10.0. Previously, emblems and inscriptions were used on vehicles solely for aesthetic purposes, in order to make the vehicle unique and stand out. And getting the benefits of camo is only apparent when you're properly concealed. In Update 10.0, emblems and inscriptions will become as useful in battle as camouflage.

What Will Change

Emblems and inscriptions aren't just for cosmetics anymore -- they will grant certain bonuses to the qualifications of your Crew.

These major qualification bonuses can be for all Crew members, either influencing them all at once or one-by-one. There are two types of bonuses, either for an individual member or all members of the Crew.

  • Permanent bonus: Bonus to major qualifications of a Crew. Works during the whole battle
  • Temporary bonus: Bonus to major qualifications of a Crew. Starts working after fulfilling certain requirements

Important! All emblems and inscriptions applied to vehicles before the release of Update 10.0 will remain. Bonuses will work regardless of the date the inscription or emblem was applied to the vehicle.


How the Bonuses Work

Each emblem or inscription applied to a vehicle adds a specific bonus to its major qualification. Bonuses for all Crew members influence the whole Crew, and depending on the conditions to activate them, they add either +1% (permanent bonus) or +2% (temporary bonus) to the major qualification of the whole Crew. Individual bonuses work similarly, but with +2% for bonuses that are permanently active and +3% for bonuses that are active after fulfilling certain requirements. Activated bonuses will be displayed on the major qualification level scale.


Churchill VII Without Customization


Churchill VII With Customization Adding Bonuses Together

There can be a maximum of two emblems and two inscriptions on a vehicle. Bonuses from different emblems and inscriptions can be added together if their bonus affects the same Crew members or entire Crew.

  • Identical bonuses from different inscriptions and emblems are added together
  • An emblem or an inscription that gives a bonus to a specific Crew member will work for all Crew members with the same qualification (for example, two loaders in the IS-7)
  • If a specific Crew member has more than one qualification (for example, when a Crew member is both a Commander and a Radio Operator), bonuses are added to the specific qualification. For example, for applied inscriptions and emblems, there is a bonus of +2% to the major qualification of the Commander, +1% to the major qualification of all Crew members and +2% to the Radio Operator qualification. All in all, a Commander will get +3% to its major qualification, this number will be displayed on the major qualification level scale, and +3% to the Radio Operator's qualification


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Glad that they're finally making inscriptions & emblems have their own use.


But I still want my Numbers dammit!

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New Players Enter the "Proving Ground" in 10.0


Update 10.0 brings a lot of new features to World of Tanks -- the next one we're unveiling is a new tutorial mode called Proving Ground!

What is Proving Ground?

Proving Ground is a tutorial PvE mode that gives novice tankers the opportunity to shape their first steps on the battlefield. They will be able to get acquainted with the basic elements of the game mechanics and prove themselves in combat.

PvE (Player versus Environment) is a term used to describe a battle between players and bots.

To enter this PvE mode, click the dropdown menu found next to the "Battle" button, and choose "Proving Ground". A player with fewer than 10 battles will have Proving Ground chosen by default.


In Proving Ground mode, bots will act as the opponents and battles will take place in a 10v15 format. On one team will be three to six players, and the opposing team will be made up of 15 bots.



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wish they had made it for higher tier tanks as well, would've been nice for testing for weakspots without having to have a friend with the tank in question

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wish they had made it for higher tier tanks as well, would've been nice for testing for weakspots without having to have a friend with the tank in question

That is for new players only at the moment even tho anybody can get in whcih is odd. But I know for sure that they will put a PvE mode at some point for all tiers and it may work mostly exactly like in World of Warships, but not like Armored Warfare sense there it's more unique.

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Yes they are going to bring back historical battles in the form of PvE at some point.

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New Rampage Features in 10.0 Public Test

New Exclusive Maps: Berlin and Ravaged Capital

The test brings two new exclusive maps to Rampage mode you'll find yourself on when playing Domination or Steel Hunt.


(Domination Only)



Ravaged Capital

(Domination & Steel Hunt)



New Feature: Gas Cloud

Update 10.0 will also be introducing a brand-new mechanic specifically for Steel Hunt mode called Gas Cloud. This feature aims to both promote more active gameplay and offer soime extra bonuses to the winning team. 

The mode has two instances where the Gas Cloud is activated: one of the teams gains enough victory points to end the battle, or the battle is close to ending in a draw. Once one of those conditions is met and the Gas Cloud is activated, an alarm will sound and every player receives a notification like in the image below. 


Then, a rocket will hit the area, releasing a gas that affects every vehicle on the map that is not within the safe zone. The safe zone is indicated on the minimap by a circle you must reach before the rocket explodes or shortly thereafter, provided you're close enough to get there before the gas can affect you.



The Safe Zone

Safe Zone Pointer


If your vehicle gets caught in the Gas Cloud, a countdown timer will begin for your Crew (similar to the drowning indicator) - if you don't get to the safe zone in time, your Crew will be incapacitated and you will not be able to respawn anymore. In other words, the battle ends for you. However, you will still be able to use the postmordem mode to observe your team during the rest of the battle. 


Players who successfully make it to the safe zone will then have an additional three minutes to battle it out between teams until there is only one team or player standing. The winner(s) of this showdown will get an additional 30% XP and Credits as a bonus, along with the "Sole Survivor" medal


Sole Survivor medal

Personal Missions for Rampage

A new batch of Personal Missions will also become available for the Rampage mode in Update 10.0! The missions will be linked together in a new Campaign. If you succeed in completing all of them, you will receive a special reward vehicle - 
the tier X T-22 sr.!

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A Message from Victor Kislyi about Update 10.0


Dear Commanders,


We’d like to thank you for your continued support of World of Tanks. The amount of passionate feedback we have been receiving from you about the upcoming update is showing us once more how invested you all are in the future of the game.

Community feedback is crucial for us in making the best gaming experience possible. Your responses to Update 10.0 "Rubicon" have shown us loud and clear that we will not meet all your expectations for the upcoming version. You all have spoken, so we have made major changes to our plan.

In accordance with the adjusted plans, the next version will be relabeled 9.12 and introduce the following features:

  • The new game mode Rampage. The mode was developed over the last several months and tested by you. Rampage introduces features such as the ability to respawn, multi-team battles, and multiple tanks per battle for tiers VIII–X
  • The "gas cloud" mechanic from the Rampage mode has been removed
  • New, improved viewing mechanics, a PvE tutorial, and the new British tier X medium tank, Centurion Action X, replacing the FV4202
  • New interface for tank customization. The Crew bonus system for tank emblems and inscriptions was removed from the upcoming update upon analyzing its performance and gathering feedback during public tests

These are just a few of the core features of 9.12. The full list of new content and gameplay elements coming in 9.12 will be unveiled soon.

We are truly thankful for your honest feedback and constructive criticism, and apologize for overpromising on 10.0 “Rubicon” and for changes to the schedule. Together, we will improve your gameplay experience.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Victor Kislyi and the Wargaming Team

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I can agree with taking out some of the stuff like the emblem bonuses & Gas cloud mechanics.

As long as we're getting new Tanks (and HD ones) as well as the new emblems that were on the Test Server(even if they don't have bonuses) I'm fine with it. 


Still can't wait for more Czech tanks & the physics update. But I assume those won't happen until next year. 

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Just joined up.
I have a legacy account in WoT that I have not played for...a while.
Looks like I'll have to d/l and jump back in. As these updates look good.

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