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Will Firaxis make a squel to Xcom: EU/EW?

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Do you think Firaxis will make a squel of Xcom: EU/EW? Just completed another playthrough a couple days ago after watching Angry Joe and Other Joe play Ghost Control Inc, and several older episodes where Angry Joe and Totalbiscuit played against each other on multiplayer. The ending is short and leaves it open to a sequel, and it's confirmed that your volunteer survived. Also the Uber Ethereal's cryptic message at the end details that there is a greater threat looming on the horizon. Who also agree's that Exalt in EW lost to easily?

I know Firaxis is working on Xcom 2 but do you think they'll continue the story? Also believe me I'm looking forward to Xcom 2 to take on the approach of gurellia warfare. Obviosuly it's like EU and EW except where Xcom lost quickly and the Aliens became subugators of earth. But, the E3 trailers doesn't depict human suffering really as those shiny cities seem to be havens at least on the surface.

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I'm not following you, isn't Xcom 2 a sequel to EU?

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I'm not following you, isn't Xcom 2 a sequel to EU?

Nope it's been confirmed that it isn't a sequel but a new concept. Basically it depicts that Xcom lost before they could even research beam weapons or carapace armor. Which in the EU/EW timeline isn't true because well we won due to the destruction of the templeship or did we? Because the Uber Ethereal pointed out something of a greater threat was coming.

I've read several theories that the destruction of the templeship caused an alternative timeline but can't back that up.

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