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The Nullpoint (Failed)

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  • Platforms: PC / MAC
  • Real-Time Tactics - Control up to 5 survivors with a scheme familiar to any RTS player.
  • Survival Horror Elements - Scavenge for limited supplies, but keep a lookout for things that lurk in the darkness. Gauge carefully whether to fight, run, or hide based off of your team's resources.
  • Ship-based & On-foot Exploration - Guide your ship between docks in the Nullpoint, then disembark and take your survivors on loot runs.
  • Ship Upgrade Meta - Use scavenged resources to upgrade & repair your ship's internal systems.
  • Roguelike Gameplay Loop - Getting through the Nullpoint will be difficult, and the stakes are high. If all survivors in the party die, the game will reset and the dungeons will re-randomize.



In the year 2109, we discovered an abandoned alien structure floating in deep space on the edge of the solar system. The first attempts to explore inside it ended in disaster.

Guide the remaining survivors through the sprawling passageways of the Nullpoint. Explore, scavenge, and survive long enough, and you may uncover the story of the ill-fated expeditions, and the dark secrets of the Nullpoint itself. 

For anyone to escape the Nullpoint, sacrifices will have to be made. New survivors can always be found to replace the fallen. But beware: there are no reloads, and backup isn’t coming. If your survivors all die, you’ll have to start again from the beginning.


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