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Overwatch Is a new Blizzard First person shooter with elements of Moba. Players have to choose between Offense, Defense, Tank and Support characters combat the enemy team and win designated objectives. 

The game is inspired by games like Team Fortress 2, Heroes of the storm and World of warcraft. It means that it will connect the best aspects of each into one masterpiece.


People that are going to be playing (It comes out 27th this month):

- Doctor_GLaDOS

- Agosparti

- Agent 47

- Seph (at least I think he is).



- F2P when leaves Beta

- Great Combat Mechanics

- Beautiful cartoony graphics

- Big variety of heroes

- It's a blizzard game so it has to be good



- Closed Beta


Example Event:

In house casual 5v5 with tournaments and competetive trainings.


Closed beta of this game starts 27.10.2015 so if you want to join us, Sign up to beta now !

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I have created a channel in teamspeak located in the community games section. Unfortunately, that is all I can do until the game releases. Saying that it is coming out on the 27th is misleading. It is going in to closed beta at that time. We can revisit this once it goes in to an open beta or fully launches.

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