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World of Tanks open Q&A.

4 posts in this topic

The goal of this open ended Q&A forum is to answer any and all questions you may have concerning World of Tanks and our clan. I will ask that anyone who chooses to participate in this Q&A to remain respectful think before you post and we will do our best to answer all of your questions accurately and in a timely manner.

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Question. When the clan starts participating in clans wars and we get some territories and get gold, how will the AJSA WoT clan regulate how much gold a user can use so the clan treasury never gets into bankruptcy? 

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Answer: As of right now we plan to distribute the gold earned in clan wars (global map) evenly among the people who have helped us earn it. So if people come and actively participate in stronghold battles but don’t have the time to defend/capture territory they will not receive as much as a person who not only joins us in strongholds but also partakes in clan wars.


In order to even get on the global map we need to earn influence which is earned in strongholds. To take a province we have to place a bid and win. After we have claimed a province we need to hold it for at least 24hours to get the full gold earned as it is accumulated over a 24hour period. As for the amount of gold distributed among our members it will come down to how many people we have partaking in each part and how much gold we ultimately end up earning. (I have decided to exclude myself from earning gold this way until, we as a clan get to where we are able to hold multiple provinces to maximize gold earned by the rest of our members)

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I have been asked on multiple occasions why should I play World of Tanks instead of War Thunder? Or what makes War Thunder tanks different from World of Tanks? Well in truth it is up to you.


War Thunder is a more realistic Tank/Flight simulator with much larger and more open maps, more realistic phyX, and in Ground forces you get knocked out when your crew gets killed or your tank is destroyed and in my opinion it is a more realistic game with a more real world feel. 


World of Tanks is more of an arcade style game (think Twisted Metal with tanks) with smaller more symmetrical maps, faster paced game play (most of the time), a more class/role based team system, and a strong focus on learning how to use your tanks effective armor. (Word of Tanks will be getting a big phyX update in the not to far down the line that will make that tanks drive more like they do in War Thunder)


They are similar in a few areas but they are very different games. If you are a fan of the more realistic game play then War Thunder is for you, but if you're more into the competitive arcade style of game play then World of Tanks is the game for you. They are both good games each having its own style of game play.


I hope this helps you make you that decision.

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