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Greetings from Canada! VolatileShoke reporting for duty!... Kinda.

2 posts in this topic

Greetings from Canada, fellow Angry Soldiers! My name is Loren Johansen, though most of my friends just call me Shoke. I am, obviously, a man from Canada who has decided to sign up with this fair forum and perhaps make some more friends to play games with. However, that last little bit, the part about playing games? That sadly will have to wait, possibly for some time. See, in the world of online gaming, I'm like the soldier who got crippled in battle yet still wants to help in the firefight. The guy you leave behind, albiet reluctantly. What is my massive crippling problem? I'm poor. Like, super poor. Not only that, but jobless and nowhere in the city I live in wants to hire me. So until I finally get myself a job, I'm stuck to trying to make YouTube videos and hoping that they take off. Sadly, that's probably not going to happen, due to my lack of funds to get myself good equipment and editing software. Especially the latter, as no matter how bad your camera or mic are, a good editing program has the potential to fix both of those. 
Usually once a month I'm able to scrounge together enough money to get something, but that money is not enough to feed my desire to game online. 
In the rare occasion that I do have the money to get some Xbox Live or something, it goes to waste as I own none of the games that people are playing.
Now when it comes to PC, I'm pretty sure a cheesecake could run games better. I'm barely able to play games like World of Warcraft, so I mostly use it to play RP.
However, when it comes to actual online gaming, I am a very competent strategist and team leader, and tend to play the classes no one else wants to. For example, in Borderlands I tend to play as the healer version of the Soldier, maxing out healing and ammo regen as soon as possible to make things move smoother for my friends.
But, under all of this, there is one place that I am confident very little of you can beat me: Pokemon competitive battles.
Yes I still like Pokemon. You don't like it, I respect your opinion, but still. Deal with it.

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Welcome to the AJSA. Sorry to hear about your money troubles, but I hope something turns up soon for you.

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