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Anno 2205 Review

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Moin Moin everyone here is my review of the PC-game "Anno 2205" developed by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft.



Anno 2205 plays as the title suggests, in the future, in the year 2205, the earth is as it was in previous Anno 2070, that the land mass is greatly changed by a rise in sea levels, but there also hear the influence of predecessors (except one few ship Modele).

You are the CEO of your own Mega Corp and your company was selected by the Global Union too build up to that point where you have enough resources to enable travel and colonization of the moon.

At the beginning you can choose between three different levels of difficulty and start Maps. Each map has a unique event which are divided into three stages as to example the construction of a dam. These events give you in the sector in the case of the dam extra energy.

At the Starts you realize immediately that it is completely different from the predecessor of Anno 2205, because in Anno 2205 you have a huge land mass and no opponents. Nevertheless, the core remains the same, you build your production to satisfy the needs of your workers and they get so into the next population level. However, there are now three primary resources

1) workforce is increased the more the population is in the sector and keep the factories running.

2) energy

3) logistics, this is required by the goods which are produced to transport.

The most interesting of the three point is logistics, because now it is possible to place the production of related products at various locations. Once you draw up a factory appears in the Commodities Overview increased production by this factory, the transportation to a storage associated with the waiting time is eliminated completely. Another change, the modules that can be connected to factories, they increase production, reduce power consumption, reduce logistics or reduce required manpower. These modules cost credits and rare commodities. These rare commodities you get by completing missions, or completing combat missions. You also get rare commodities when one gets a level up with your company. These steps climbs are bound to the total population you possess. This level system is your overview about your competition with the so-called "Big Five", but you can’t use  your "market power" so it is simply a minimalist Level System.

So let's go with the cheerful build up to the point at which you shall expand your Spaceport of with a Space elevator to the Space Station of the Global Union. After that is done is the next obstacle is that your second population level requires a commodity that you cant craft in your boot sector. These goods can be produced only in the Arctic.

Of too the ice, it is then for you leave your sector simply with "Esc" and lands in the satellite overview. In this overview, you can then choose to load briefly between your sectors. In this overview, you can set up as soon as your Spaceports the necessary level have also trade routes.

In the Arctic itself can degrade their specific raw materials and goods producing’s your other sectors needs. The Arctic and later the moon are in the core like the old commodities islands in the predecessor the only major difference is you need in the sector also workers and who have certain claims. In the Arctic, the workers need heat produced by your factories and of course food.

Once you've set up the production in the Arctic sends to fulfill their goods to your boot sector to the needs of your population.

The next really big step is the direction of the Moon. After reaching the third population level and an update of the Spaceports you send a spacecraft to the moon and then start your first lunar settlement. The moon is like the Arctic there are certain commodities and goods that exist only there and will have your population. However, the workers need to the moon and all the factories to a shield to protect them from meteorites. Once that is done also sends her the goods back via trade route back. At least now falling production and the trade routes from the moon extremely devour much credit. Should you fall into the red the Global Union will help you with a loan.

Once the moon has been inhabited and production runs we continue to the final destination of the fusion reactor on the Moon, to the real problem to date is energy. The most effective energy production in boot sector is a waterworks, but this blocks an important building sites on the coast of which you also need for, for example, water production.

But once you have the fusion reactor and your Spaceport at level 4 you can send down energy with another trade route, which is completely from a certain point necessary because you never can produce as much energy in your boot sector as needed.

All in all Anno is still Anno it has a very nice graphics and you can watch your city with a tracking shot which is very nice to look at. Another new feature is that you can now move building and modules.

The missions in Anno 2205 both normal missions in the sector and the fight sectors are completely optional but again hollow itself which makes very boring the whole two to three times continuously.

One criticism, however, is inevitable because I have to download the latest beta driver to be able to play Anno 2205, however, this problem should not persist long.


Conclusion: if you always enjoyed playing Anno, then I Highly Recommended Anno 2205. If you enjoy to build over multiple sector for hours before you go to the the next on. For all other looking for more of an action RTS game, I recommend to wait until November 10 for Starcraft 2 because there is no action in Anno 2205. 

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