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AJSA PC SMITE Community Update (Archived)

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Hello, Friends!


I'm just making this post to let you all know that I am the new leader of SMITE, and we will need help. I don't know if its temporary on my end. I'm still undecided on what my plans are on all that jazz, I'll be on the hunt for new blood just in case. Trust me when I say we won't leave SMITE dead in the water. It's been 6 months since I've last been here so I'm a bit rusty so bear with me. I have recently learned that RuneX is the new Point of Contact for SMITE. He is here to make sure things are getting done, and hes here to lend a hand if needed. There is a lot of job openings so if you are interested come speak to me/Diehard to see what is still available. Events will be on Sundays but this time they will be more of a meet and greet there will not be a set time. Just ask for an invite in game or if for a speedy response ask in Team Speak. You are not required to speak in TS and "everyone" is welcome.



For anyone who is wondering yes this means Burbles has stepped down from his position as leader. I have no idea why so if you are interested then ask him. I know he had a lot of people who really enjoyed playing with him my self included. Even though we had a completely difference in opinions, and butted heads about it a lot I still consider him a good friend of mine. So I wish him good luck.



++Note your AJSA ranks do not reflect your in game ranks or vice versa.++


InGame Officers

Your Job is to keep the peace within the clan then to report back to me with details.

You are to defuse the situation not make it worse.

If its getting out of hand.. If myself, or DieHard are not available and there is no one else in charge on. You should talk to a Commander immediately.


Event Staff

You run events for Myself, or the Second in command when either of us is gone.

The show must go on as they say.


Recruitment Staff

Your job is to check the recruitment forum, invite anyone who posted their IGN.

Also accept people who have applied in game.


Graphic Design Staff

Your job is to make Custom SMITE art for event posts or forum posts outside of AJSA for promotional purposes.

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I will be more than happy to help you with events and articles, if my help is needed.

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