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Fallout 4 Encounters

4 posts in this topic

So what are your people amazing, or amazeballs, none story encounters. That would exclude the Deathclaw encounter at the beginning in Concord.


To begin this out here are 2 that I had.

1. I was walking into the outskirt of a city when I came across a trading caravan, who was fighting a group of Synths... Who was also fighting a group of Super Mutants, which included a suicider. So of course I join the fight, I cant just stay out of it. Well... Suddenly a Deathclaw charged into the mix... Yeah, I lost my head at that point, literally. And that caravn was leaving the whole time.


2. I came across this tower, and thank God aswell because when I went to the top I were attacked by a group of raiders, which included a Legendary Raider. Well It thats not the amazeballs part. Because out of nowhere a Deathclaw AND a Alpha Deathclaw charged the raiders, yes Im not joking, I even took a screenshot. Luckely I was on the top of the tower with a rather good sniper rifle and over 100 bullets. Unlucky me, while the raider bits remained both the Deathclaws just vanished after I killed them -_- THANKS GAME


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I can't remember where I was but I also came across a bunch of factions fighting but before I could do much a few suiciders showed up and basically took out everyone including their friends. I was kind of disappointed because I was deep into my character who likes killing every person I can. :P

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While wondering around in the Glowing Sea, I encountered an Injured deathclaw hauling ass from something.

I turned to where it was running from and bam, Super Mutant Behemoth. After I killed the Behemoth, I was in power armor so no biggie, the deathclaw came back and bitch slapped my companion, who of which turned and killed it.

Companion: Nick Valantine. Don't fuck with Nick.

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I was a bit north of the Glowing Sea and came across a group of super mutants in a church. As I was spinning up my gatling laser a BOS drop ship flew over, landed and was hijacked by Gunners.

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