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12 posts in this topic

if you want to raid with the guild we do have some requirements of people. these are

the two of 3 rule:

you have to have ascended accessories, back piece, rings and necklace (everyone must have at least this) but also you must have one of 2 of the sets below

1) have full ascended armour

2) have ascended weapons and ascended chest piece   


we will need screenshot proof of gear, the proof should go like this 

1) say chat all your gear and screenshot like this http://imgur.com/gy917FW

2) inventory screen shot with your chest piece like this http://imgur.com/LkdpygW

3) lastly a weapon screenshot like this (do not use the sigil I am using "night that is")  http://imgur.com/ASl1xcF

that the requirements for applying 


now if we get more than 10 apply there will be a vetting process to see who get higher on the list (this will like be in the form of a 50 fractal ) 

our plan to to start raiding in  1 or 2 weeks 


edit 1 : plz only post on this topic with applying with proof of gear, everyone but me and toriko have to apply for you to be looked at for raids.

EDIT 2 : plz also put the role you want to fill and the class

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Tyler Here! Class is Ranger. DPS with Minor Support through Frost Spirit for 7.5% extra damage and Search and Rescue. Elite will likely be Rampage as One or Entangle depending on the situation though it can be Nature Spirit for AoE condi clenase and revive from downed if needed. Also traited for SaR when I start rezzing someone. Pets will be Electric Wyvern for Break Bars and either Tiger for PermaFury or Bristleback for tank.
Gear: http://imgur.com/JzkKfVI
Chest Piece: http://imgur.com/LsTivLh
Weapons: http://imgur.com/a/Tl6sv

EDIT: Finished Ascended Set.

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If these links don't work, I apologize, but I'm at work and it's the best I can do :P


Ranger: https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Hunter%20Bakka (Currently a mix of clerics and zerk)  Willing to do heal or DPS.

Ele:  https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Emae%20Sengul  (I'll be swapping her trinkets out for something more consistent, and this link will automagically reflect that.  I should also have an ascended chest-piece in the next few days.....*Grumbles about time-gated ascended crafting*)  Ele can be pretty versatile, so if I use her, just tell me where you need me.

Edited by Muzical

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Yuyuki Westtemple reporting for duty.




DPS Reaper (mix of Berzerker, Marauder, and Celestial.  I'm moving to phase out the Celestial for more Marauder and possibly Valkyrie.  I'm trying to keep crit at just over 50% and keep my Vitality high, `cause I have a trait that adds 50% crit while in Reaper's Shroud.)


EDIT: I have a Chronomancer, but recent experiences have soured me on him a bit; I think I'd prefer to play the Reaper.  If we really need a Chronomancer, though, I can bring him into play.

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Can everyone who has posted here be on at 6pm sever time Saturday (pm me if you can not )for testing of commutation and skill

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It seems we have a lot of DPS people here... I am still gathering materials for my ascended equipment. What are the other build can I contribute?


I think I'll lean towards being a healer.... is Elementalist a good healer?

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Green Giller here. Running full celestial armor. Zerker's ascended trinkets. Have the legendary minstrel and two exotic weapons.

Proof: http://imgur.com/b2kKEdC

I can do dps. If absolutely need be I can see about switching over to a condi build.

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