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Star Wars Battlefront sequels coming...

9 posts in this topic

Wasn't this announced even before the current game got released?

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not surprised at all. I think it was obvious months ago when they said there was no single player along with the long list of other crap. 


Glad I didn't buy it

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That sequels were coming was a forgone conclusion, no surprise here. But, please dont let Battlefront become a yearly franchise, I dont know that I could stomach that. I dont know how I feel about yearly Star Wars movies as it is!

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Star Wars Battlefront EA gets a 4 out of 10 or 5 out of 10 at best simply because of the lack of in-game content. I'm going to throw up if they include the Clone Wars and an actual Campaign in any sort of DLC. Also, the game modes are really bland with the very small exception of a select few and if you've seen, the flying mechanics are pretty bad. Hard-to-control aircraft and auto lock blasters to compensate. They also included a homing rocket which can lock onto players and of course, it has infinite ammo(as far as I know). Obviously, I'm just summing up all the things from the beta, but there is so much more. Let's sum up what I just talked about down here.


-Damn wonderful graphics. Sometimes I wonder if I am playing a game or a simulation of the Star Wars universe.

-Models are authentic down to the scratch marks on the helmets of stormtroopers.

-Combat dialogue helps raise the tension of a firefight. *Minor Pro

-Dodge and weave when you are shot at or a few meters away from an explosion. *Minor Pro

-Wilhelm Screams (Once heard 5 in a row) *Minor Pro

-John Williams classic score never gets old. *Doesn't count because John Williams deserves all the credit.

-Sound design is tremendous.

Alright, good start DICE and EA. Now let's take a look at the small list of cons. 



-Fair amount of game modes, but they are bland and unoriginal(Why did they bother with droid run besides staring at Gonk droids walking around).

-No Campaign or Clone Wars

-How many guns in SWBF EA? I think around 11.

-90% of stormtrooper customizations involve a soldier without a helmet.

-Only a few maps for each mode. *Everyone already knew this of course. (Any other smaller maps are adaptations of the larger walker assault maps)

-Some of the game modes feel half-baked.

-You have lost connection to EA servers-please try again later.(Is this just me?)

-Wonderful voice acting Han Solo and friends!

-I've killed people from across the map with the default blaster rifle. All you need is the right lead and aim.

-Why would you include an auto-lock missile for anti-infantry when everyone already uses the impact grenade or thermal detonator and spam the hell out of them.

-I prefer actually walking up to my vehicles and entering them manually. *Everyone already knew this.

-The spawns are still horrible. There are countless times in which I have spawned from my normal spawn and have ended up in the middle of a firefight only to be killed by a stray round or explosive. *Everyone already knew this.

-Melee only is effective if you are less than half a foot away from someone and it may not connect anyway. (Seriously, I'm using a 3 1/2 foot long heavy blaster and I can't even hit anyone).

-The No Hud option should at least tell you what battle pickups you acquire when you take them. *Minor issue.

-Survival mode gets old after 2-3 games.

-Battles with the AI can only be done on small deathmatch like sessions instead of simply being allowed to play with bots on modes like walker assault.

-The amigo who bought this game for me as an early Christmas present to go with the movie cannot get his $60 back.

-This should be called Star Wars Battlefail EA.

-This does not deserve the honour of the title Star Wars Battlefront EA.

-Does EA own the license now? Are we going to ever see a good Battlefront game again?



P.S. Don't worry, he didn't suffer that much. I payed him the money back so he could get Fallout 4 FTW.


...Okay-maybe I was a little harsh to EA and DICE but I am simply returning the favor...EA

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