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I still only have vanilla. I enjoy it a lot but I refuse to get the dlc even though the price and what they offer seem good (provided you enjoy new difficulty settings, if you don't, I wouldn't say it's worth it). Why? Because last month the psn had a sale for the season pass which I TRIED to get but the psn store wasn't working for me for like 2 days until the sale was over, I called their tech support while the sale was still up and they were like 'we locked the account for 24 hours cuz of these issues, just try again later", and I'm like "the sale is OVER later. can you at least 'reserve' buy it for me until then'? 'you can try buying it later'. "yes I know I can buy it later, but it will be 30 bucks more later, may I buy it at its current price now and simply download it later or something'? 'you may buy it later'... fuck... it would be less frusterating if the moron was like 'sorry but no'. but no, he just said the same line like a fucking robot.



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Hm, so apparently this dlc is about Toyotomi Hideyori, and his mom, who is Toyotomi Hideyoshi's adopted daughter, who later becomes his concubine and second wife....... DA FUCK???


You know, I gotta be honest with Nioh...... I love this game. Hell, I played the game for a week straight when it was released from beginning to the end because I love it so much. These DLCs for the game are also good, in the boss battles and gameplay department that is.


But character and plotwise? It's disappointingly hollow. And considering that this game is about one of the most famous Japanese historical event that has a lot of recognizable and even obscure historical characters, I find it weird that they're all just completely shallow, but awesome boss fights, with very few times of character development moments, and I don't give a rat's ass about many of them. The most you get is after you fight them many times during their optional boss fights or main game fights, you get lores that explains who they are. Which is such a real shame. Compare it to when they're potrayed in Samurai Warriors & Sengoku Basara, which gives them a lot more complex character traits & even character motivation + exposition which makes you either root for them or understand who they are.


Just to give the most glaring example:


Okatsu. She's a great character, if she's actually further explored in the game. Her interaction with William is pretty cute, but there's only very few times where they interact with one another. Like when they first met, the side missions, after her boss fight, and the end of the game where she helps William a bit in the final mission, and afterwards when she's all tsundere thinking about him. I want more from her damn it!


Also, such a complete waste of interaction between her and her father Ieyasu. The extent of their relationship is Ieyasu just telling Okatsu when she's taken hostage "I don't care about you" and then Okatsu saying "Oh, so I'm not worth a thing to you eh??" And then she fell with William to the water bellow. 

And this moment isn't expanded upon at all afterwards, even in the dlc........ WAT??


Like, I get that Okatsu didn't tell Ieyasu that she's actually his daughter, but where's the next part of this story?? Where's the part where Okatsu tells Ieyasu straight to his face that she's his daughter, William telling Ieyasu that he's a piece of crap of a father and the ensuing "I've been a shitty father...... I must atone for it!" moment??


This isn't the first time Team Ninja can't do story right though, which I find really weird. I mean look at their past games:

The Dead or Alive series

Ninja Gaiden series

And of course, Metroid Other M


The only one that has a decent plot is the Ninja Gaiden series, because they're really simple to follow. DOA? You can't even keep up with how many times the plot just jump all over the place. Other M? Forget about it.


Why is it that Team Ninja sucks at making a story good? They're really good at making a game either fucking hard as hell, or making a game really damn good to play. I do hope that in the future they can finally make a game that has a great story. 

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On 10/3/2017 at 3:09 AM, argetlam350 said:

Nice! Coming 7 November. Looks like I'll grab this, eventually. I have faith that the PC port will be great and not have performance issues.




And let's not forget the big thing that's pretty much confirmed by the Bloodshed's End dlc: this game is undeniably a Ninja Gaiden prequel. Ahhhhh, so that's why the story in the game is so lacking....... they're purposefully not even trying considering that Ninja Gaiden also doesn't try very hard. Now it makes sense.

I mean shiet, Muramasa's ancestor is in the game and the Izuna drop is used by Mitsunari. Now that Ryu's ancestor is officially in the game, I'm expecting him to play a big part in Nioh 2.


OOH, perhaps Nioh 2 will not just be Nioh 2, but Nioh X Ninja Gaiden because someone in Ryu's time, perhaps Donovan from the Dead or Alive series, decided to create a time machine and bring every demon to the modern world to take over the world, or he goes back to the past to change history so he'll become the ruler of earth, and both William and Ryu have to stop them. And maybe you are able to fight in both the past and the future, but playing as William in modern times while playing Ryu in the old times, just like Onimusha 3. HOLY SHIET, I can't wait! 

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