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Joes Music

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Hey all,

Been a fan of Angryjoe for a while now and I'm also a fan of some of the music he has in some videos, one song in particular I can't seem to find anywhere, on his Star Trek Trexels video around 10:50 a song starts playing, anyone know what the title of it is?

Thanks :)

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if ur looking for his intro and outro here it is 

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The funny thing about that particular song: I can't find it anywhere. I tried using Shazam in the background after I personally edited the song's parts to get rid of background music with no result, use music recognition software on my Chrome on that song part, checked every youtube comment on that video and found that NOBODY knows what the song is, even went back and listen to lots of songs by Callenish Circle because Joe used one of the band's song for his outro, but nothing matches that song. Maybe it's a royalty-free song since it's played in the background & it's not copyright claimed?


Only Joe & the mods knows what the song is, so you probably should go to the discord channel & ask people there because that's where most active members are these days.

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