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Reaching out to my guild for some help.

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Okay I have no problem with what you are doing to try and get back on your feet. The problem I have though is with this line "If extra is made it will go into my online job."


What exactly is your online job? and if it really is a job why aren't you getting paid at least as much as a part time worker meaning 300-500 every two weeks. A job is in my opinion is something that gives you AT LEAST that amount mentioned above. I will not tell you what to do but a simply suggestion that if you do get extra money try and get different types of clothing to help find an actual job in the real world. Again I do not know your whole situation but starting out trying to work online is a extremely bad idea when you do not even have the basics covered. Also if your online job does pay at least that amount I suggest finding a part time job while doing your online job.


I am assuming you are trying to stream for a living? or put content out for youtube? If you can please explain your situation in detail we could all give you suggestions on how to go about solving your problems because right now it just seems like you need someone to fund you while you hope whatever it is you do online works out. Which means in another few months you will be starting another fund me page. 


So again details details details details!!!

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I'm trying to do streaming with youtube video on the occasion. The extra would be toward some other stuff. I'm like guessing extra would be just a bit of roll over like 20 bucks or something. I don't know how it really works, if it cashes out when goal is hit or I close it out. I'm not gona leave it going and just accumulate. The extra would be a haircut, and a headset possibly. I'm not looking to be supported through the thing through go fund me. Just clothes that I don't have and can't afford. Like I said, I plan to close it out once it hits the number and place the order on the clothes.

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Yeah big mistake trying to do streaming and youtube content right off the bat without your basics needs being met. First thing is you need a stable job and to do streaming on the side. Quite frankly from what I hear from the top streamers is it takes not only a unique personality(which I am not saying you do not have) but a TON of luck. 


You have to remember that you are not the only person trying to make a living off streaming. If you take a look at the twitch streamers for every game there are a TON of people with 1 to 10 viewers and even more with 0 viewers all those guys either have an interest in trying to make a living off streaming or that is there main goal. Meaning you are not only competing with them but there are only so many viewers at a time watching and the bulk of those viewers are watching the Pro's.


Just my opinion is with whatever money you get from this go get some clothes for interviews and get a job so your basic needs are met which I would believe would get your parents off your back and happy. Once you do get a job it might even take awhile I am pretty damn sure your parents will support your streaming on the side and you wont have all that stress and negative energy coming from them.

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Speaking as someone trying to make maybe a little side money off Youtube and Twitch, those will NOT get you enough money to support yourself on just starting out. You need to secure a (Forgive me for saying this) real job first. 

Trying to live off of streaming and Youtube is a horrible idea. For one, it's not a reliable income, and unless you have viewers and subscribers up in the ten thousands there's no way you'll make enough money from ad revenue to support yourself in any manner. Unless you have fifty thousand subs just sitting around, you're just gonna end up right back here where you started. 

Making your living off youtube and Twitch is a gamble. If you're going to make that gamble, have a safety net first, something that you can fall back on if doing Youtube and Twitch fails to go anywhere. 

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