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Izaya Orihara

just joined eso

3 posts in this topic

hello guys. 

So the winter steam sale rolled along and my friend and i decided to start to play eso. We were hoping to join. My friend and I are still low level but having alot of fun focusing on crafting. 

@IzayaSwordsman <-- me 

@Lukken <-- my friend

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Be sure to post your opinion on the game after playing for awhile, I am curious how it has changed since Beta.

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I'll let my friend talk about this since he played the beta as well and since he doesn't have an account:

Friend: hi I was also in the ESO Beta and I've been playing for about a month now. It's changed a lot. There aren't nearly as many stupid glitches. Leveling feels rewarding now. Dialog is nice and immersive. And one of the most fun things for me personally: they added the justice system. It didn't feel quite like Elder Scrolls until I could rob the hell out of everyone. It looks really beautiful. I just upgraded my PC so I'm playing with everything at max. I haven't done PVP much, as the first time I poked my head into it I was viciously thrashed, but I hear good things about it at the late end. 

All in all I think i's pretty great, and definitely worth it if you grab it on sale. 
me: Hope that answers some of your questions. Post anything specific you are interested in.

My rational behind buying the game wasn't the music graphics or story line. It was actually the psychology and depth of some of the characters i watched unfold during some missions and the inbuilt racism that exists for certain races. It was cool to watch the world come a bit more alive. (we had seen a little in skyrim but this made it more systemic and interesting. It actually is fun to play through all the races and watch the dialogue change due to your race). All in all, I agree with my friend and say it is easily worth the $55 mark. And a steal at sale prices.

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