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Weekly News Round Up 12-29-2015

2 posts in this topic

This week we had problems with Steam and the PSN, a company unable to pay their staff on Christmas, more frivolous lawsuits, new release announcements, and an excellent article on the color design of video games.




Steam Issue Allowing Access to Other Users' Accounts


For those who missed it, Steam seemed to have had a cache error on Christmas where you would end up seeing another person's account when trying to use Steam. This seems to have happened due to a mistake by Valve.


PlayStation Network Is Having Trouble Creating New Accounts


Steam wasn't the only service having issues on Christmas though.


Mass Effect Andromeda Senior Development Director Leaves BioWare


Chriss Wynn has left Bioware to return to the US.



Veteran Video Game Engineer Joe Waters Dies, Is Remembered By Peers


Joe Waters, a senior development lead at Xbox’s advanced technology group, unexpectedly passed away last night. An engineer who worked on everything from Counter-Strike for the original Xbox to this year’s visually stunning Rise of the Tomb Raider, Waters contributed technical expertise for more than a decade.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Steam page suggests January release


Rise of the Tomb Raider looks like it could get a January release on the PC.


Sony steps in to bring The Banner Saga to PlayStation Vita




Things looked grim for the long-promised Vita version of the game just last week, when Stoic announced the release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Banner Saga. Those ports hit Jan. 12, 2016, Stoic revealed last week, but mention of the Vita version was missing.


John Watson, founder and technical director at Stoic, explained at the time that budget concerns and personnel turnover at the company responsible for the Vita port were to blame.


No Star Wars Battlefront DLC will deal with The Force Awakens, EA says


Downloadable content "for this release of Star Wars Battlefront," is fixated entirely on the original trilogy (Episodes IV through VI), the EA Star Wars Twitter account said.


Man Sues Bethesda Because 'Fallout 4' Is Too Addictive


A 28 year-old Russian man is suing Bethesda Softworks and its localization studio for what he claims is a life-ruining experience with Fallout 4. In the three weeks after release, he claims he was so addicted to the game that he managed to lose both his wife and his job.


Sources: Game Studio Red 5 Misses Payroll On Christmas



Video game development studio Red 5, best known as the company behind the online game Firefall, missed payroll last week and could not pay its staff on Christmas day, according to several people familiar with goings-on there.


Freedom Planet 2 announced


I supported the first games Kickstarter and enjoyed the finished product, the sequel seems to have no plans for crowd funding. They have released a trailer here, but the beta isn't expected until 2017.


Ys VIII set to release Summer 2016 in Japan




The game takes place in the Goethe Sea, located in southern Greek (the Ys equivalent of our Greece), on the Seiren Island, suspended in the sea’s waters. Adol’s new adventure begins as he travels there to learn about the legends buried underneath those waters.


The game will feature a myriad of skills, as well as free-dash and free jump actions. On top of it, Flash Move and Flash Guard will also be making a return. As expected, this game will carry the high-speed action that the Ys series is known for having.


The popular automapping system from Ys Celceta will also be making a return as cartography will once again play a role in the new title. You will seek out drifting villages in the sea and take part in their expansion and development. There will also be campaign battles where you must defend the villages from attacks as well. This new system will bring a new, exciting component to the series.


Deathsmiles will be the next Cave shooter to hit Steam


Cave will bring the wizardy sidescrolling carnage of Deathsmiles to PC next spring. This is the second Cave shooter to arrive on Steam after Mushihimesama.


That's all I have for the news the remaining links are posts to pieces I find interesting and that others might enjoy.


Color in games: An in-depth look at one of game design's most useful tools




An article looking at the function, technology, and perception of color in video games.


Ori and the Blind Forest has the most powerful opening to any game in 2015


How fantastic is this? It gets across this beautiful, powerful story without the need for voice acting or lengthy exposition. Heck, there's barely even any words — just enough to set the stage for the game to come.



Ori and the Blind Forest easily has one of the best video game openings that I have seen.


Guy Beats Fallout 4 Without Killing Anyone, Nearly Breaks The Game




Fallout 4 expects you to commit murder. While you can occasionally avoid killing others, the wasteland is ruthless and demands violence. That’s how Bethesda intended the game to be played, anyway—but clever players are finding ways around it.


Getting outbid on GoldenEye's sequel helped Rare create Perfect Dark


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I think that Russian dude needs to smack himself a few times... Jus saying!

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