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Weekly News Round Up 1-5-2016

3 posts in this topic

This week Hideo Kojima inducted into gaming hall of fame, Forbes chooses 30 under 30 in gaming, Assassins Creed may not be getting a new entry in 2016 but their newest game looks to be set in Egypt, Just Cause 3 has a multiplayer mod in the works, Final Fantasy 15 director compares narrative to The Last of Us, and more. Outside of news we have an article talking about how to handle sound in VR, improvements that Steam can make in 2016, and why the Witcher 3 Heart's of Stone is a great GOTY choice by itself.




Valve Apologizes For Steam's Christmas Malfunction, Says It Affected 34,000 Users


Steam released a statement about what happens with their service on Christmas.



Forbes 30 Under 30 in Games for 2016 Revealed


Choices this year include developers, founders, writers, youtubers, and people who have done a combination of those things. The three overseeing the choices were Sean "Day9" Plott, Brenda Romero, and Phil Spencer. Those chosen are


  • Jordan Maron, 23 - YouTuber, Founder of Xreal
  • Alex Beaucum, 27 - Creative director, Mobius Digital
  • Finn Brice, 28 - Founder, Chuckflish Limited
  • Tommaso Checchi, 26 - Game developer, Mojang AB
  • Adriaan de Jongh, 25 - Game designer, Self-employed
  • Eefje Depoortere, 28 - Esports host, Riot Games
  • Andy Dudynsky, 25 - Community manager, 343 Industries
  • Mark Essen, 29 - Co-founder, Messhof LLC
  • Carl-Arvid Ewerbring, 27 - Founder, Resolution Games
  • Christopher Floyd, 28 - Co-founder, Indie Megabooth
  • Nina Freeman, 25 - Game designer, Fullbright
  • Tyler Glaiel, 25 - Owner, Eyebrow Interactive
  • Devin Horsman, 29 - Technical director, River Studios Canada
  • Meg Jayanth, 28 - Writer, Self-employed
  • Ben Kane, 29 - Co-founder, Steel Crate Games
  • Trent Kusters, 29 - Co-founder, League of Geeks
  • Naomi Ladizinsky, 29 - Chief creative officer, Nix Hydra
  • Aradhya Malhotra, 25 - Co-founder, Skyless Game Studios
  • Nate Mitchell, 28 - Co-founder, Oculus VR
  • Zoe Quinn, 28 - Co-founder, Crash Override Network
  • Sonja Reid, 24 - Content creator, Self-employed
  • David Rosen, 29 - CEO, Wolfire Games
  • Ashley Ruhl, 28 - Cinematic designer, Telltale Games
  • Thomas Silloway, 29 - Director of development, Psyonix
  • Andy Sum, 25 - Co-founder, Hipster Whale
  • Jordan Tayer, 29 - Influencer relations manager, Twitch
  • Adriel Wallick, 29 - Game developer, MsMinotaur
  • Gavan Wilhite, 27 - Co-founder, Altspace VR
  • Lydia Winters, 28 - Brand director, Mojang
  • Matt Zitzmann, 29 - Co-founder, Kamcord

The forbes list can be found here


Hideo Kojima Will Be Inducted Into Gaming Hall of Fame



The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences on Tuesday announced that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima will become the 21st inductee to the organization's Hall of Fame. He will accept the award in person during a ceremony at the 19th D.I.C.E. Awards in Las Vegas on February 18.


XCOM's Long War modders announce new studio and game


The team annouced that their new game would be called Terra Invicta.


Final Fantasy 9 is finally coming to PC



Final Fantasy 9 is coming to the PC with new features, and judging by the screenshots, it will release without horrible graphical changes.


Sources: Next Big Assassin's Creed Set In Egypt, Skipping 2016 As Part of Possible Series Slowdown


The next Assassin’s Creed, which we believe is set in ancient Egypt and code-named Empire, won’t launch until 2017, according to both a new online rumor and sources speaking to Kotaku. One person familiar with Ubisoft’s upcoming gaming plans told me this afternoon that the decision to delay Empire from fall 2016 was made after 2014’s disappointing Unity, and that this bump will allow the development team more room to improve and polish the game. The source said this biennial approach could be a new trend for Assassin’s Creed, which has suffered from franchise fatigue in recent years.

A thread discussing this was created here


Activision gobbles up MLG in $46 million takeover


Activision has released a statement confirming its acquisition of MLG. "Our acquisition of Major League Gaming's business furthers our plans to create the ESPN of esports. MLG's ability to create premium content and its proven broadcast technology platform—including its live streaming capabilities—strengthens our strategic position in competitive gaming," CEO Bobby Kotick said. "MLG has an incredibly strong and seasoned team and a thriving community. Together, we will create new ways to celebrate players and their unique skills, dedication and commitment to gaming. We are excited to add Sundance and the entire MLG esports team to our competitive gaming initiatives."


Steam surpasses 12 million concurrent users


On January 3rd Steam concurrent users peaked at 12,332,000.


Rainbow Six Siege Black Ice DLC delayed


Originally set to come out in January the date has been pushed back to February 2nd.


The White March Part 2 releases Feb 16



Galactic Civilizations 2 gets surprise massive patch




Galactic Civilization 2 has had an update built from years of player modifications and feedback.


PayPal backers frozen out over Shenmue 3 Kickstarter rewards



That's an odd one, did they just assume their Kickstarter backers would be greedy assholes, and are trying to get out of giving paypal backers rewards when the polls didn't go the way they want.


Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod is in the works


Final Fantasy 15 Director compares game’s story to narrative of The Last of Us


Tabata commented that Noctis will have a deeply personal journey throughout the narrative, stating that he is “growing and developing as a person” which, in Tabata’s words also “puts you in a place to experience that emotional journey with him.”


Tabata said that the direction of the narrative and character development in Final Fantasy XV are natural and intertwined, “We are really trying to aim for something where the gameplay and storytelling are really one in the same.”


Tabata also stated that games like The Last of Us were drawn from as example in regards to how narrative and gameplay interact with each other,


Rise of the Tomb Raider Sales "Well Over" 1 Million


Rise of the Tomb Raider was one of four Microsoft published titles to sell over one million copies.


Star Wars Battlefront Sells 13 Million Copies, Analyst Says


Star Wars Battlefront is apparently off to a red-hot start, with analysts recently claiming that the sci-fi shooter from developer DICE and Electronic Arts has sold 12-13 million copies.Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told Fortune that he believes the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game sold 6 million copies in November and another 6 million in December. Assuming an average retail price of $55 (the game has been discounted since launch), Pachter said Battlefront generated around $660 million in revenue.Another analyst, Evan Wilson of Pacific Crest Securities, estimated that Battlefront sold as many as 13 million copies so far. He noted that the majority of these sales came before the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and also at a discount.


The Up-All-Night Stream Plays Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was released in Japan on December 26. The stream might be over but you can still view the videos if you wanted to take a look at the game. It is due out in the US in 2016.


Sony Lists 20 PS4 "Exclusives" Set for 2016 Release



PS4 sales close in on 36 million after holiday boost


The PS4 has sold over 5.7 million units over the 2015 holiday season. Playstation Plus subscribers have increased by 60% since the end of 2014.


Psychonauts 2 Is On The Verge Of Getting Funded




The campaign has 7 days left to run, but with US$3,208,857 raised at the time of writing from a goal of US$3.3 million it would be staggering if a Psychonauts sequel did not emerge.


Over 19,000 people have supported the project to date, with almost 7,200 backers jumping in at the US$39 tier after the “early bird” US$33 tier (the minimum you had to back to get a digital download for Psychonauts 2) closed.


Double Fine estimates the game will ship in the spring of 2018 Australian time. It’s a fairly lengthy timeline, but understandable given the company’s history with crowdfunding and the lessons they have learned from Broken Age and other ventures.


Descent games yanked from GOG store thanks to royalty dispute


This time, we have: Matthew Toschlog, one of the co-founders of Parallax Software, developers of the first two games in the 1990s Descent franchise, has posted on the GOG forums to explain why Descent 1, 2, and 3 have been removed from the service."


We've talked to them about this numerous times over the years, and finally took action this fall. We served Interplay official notice that they were in breach of the contract, and when they still failed to pay we terminated the agreement," Toschlog writes."


This means that Interplay has lost the right to sell the Descent games, which is why they came down from GOG. (We're not sure why they're still on Steam; they shouldn't be.)"


This is complicated by the fact that Interplay owns the trademark for the property -- so the royalty and rights issues have to be ironed out, or the games can't be legally sold in the future.


Obituary: Veteran game composer Brad Fuller


Fuller had a vibrant career in audio production, and is best known in the game industry for his work at Atari in the 1980s crafting the sound of seminal Atari console games like Donkey Kong and Tetris, as well as Atari arcade games like Marble Madness and Klax.



That's it for the news. Here are three articles that might interest people.


What Does Virtual Reality Sound Like?


How sound can improve the experience people have with VR.


The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone is an even better Game of the Year choice than the main game



"Hearts of Stone, is a master class on how to create meaningful, valuable downloadable content."


My Steam Wishlist, 2016


A list of improvements that Steam can make for 2016.

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Kinda sad that Ys8 wasn't included in sony's list of 20. I don't know why that series gets no publicity, it's the flagship series to an old as fuu never unsuccessful videogame dev that pretty much has a spotless record.

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Kinda sad that Ys8 wasn't included in sony's list of 20. I don't know why that series gets no publicity, it's the flagship series to an old as fuu never unsuccessful videogame dev that pretty much has a spotless record.

That's odd that they didn't include it, more so now with the series starting to get more widely known.

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